Random 754

Random 754

I woke up on my back late this morning and it didn’t like it one bit. I usually sleep on one of my sides so I have no idea how I ended up on my back. I didn’t think I was going to be able to go out, my lower back was hurting so bad. But my therapist pissed me off as she said next week doesn’t look good either for an appointment. WTF are you kidding me?? I honestly think she is avoiding me at this point. I got really mad and needed to get out of the house. My mother was diagnosed with shingles and I didn’t want to catch it so I needed to go out.

I gingerly got dressed. A former therapist wanted my book so I popped one in the mailer. I had to mail out my cousin’s book as it was returned to me. I had put the wrong address on the first one I sent out. OOPS. So I went to the post office and then hit my Starbucks for my coffee fix. I also had a sandwich. I wanted to get my haircut so after I finished my drink, I headed over to the barber’s. He is a good guy and we talked about random shit the entire time. I told about my book and he wanted to buy it. I told him I would be back tomorrow with a copy. Neat. Basically a free haircut! He is a cool dude.

I just missed the bus so had to wait twenty minutes for the next one. While I was waiting, there were people that were annoying me. Inside the bus waiting area, two idiots were spraying perfume or cologne and it smelled horrible. I had to go outside. Then there were two more idiots smoking pot. They were passing a joint between them. Lovely. I wish they were away from the bus loading area as I couldn’t stand the smell of it. It’s worse than cigarettes. Technically, they are not supposed to be smoking on MBTA property but of course, there wasn’t a transit officer around. Pissed me off.

I was glad they took a different bus route than mine. My bus finally came and my bladder was thankful. I just made it home before it was ready to say fuck you, you held me long enough. I really did as it was at least more than an hour. I think I am getting an infection because while going my bladder started spasming. It never really does that unless there is an infection. I got to call the doctor’s tomorrow. Fun, Fun Fun.

When I came home, my mother was cooking dinner. I went up to change into my PJs and then she called me down saying it was ready. It was good. She saw that I had a haircut and then she said she could cut my hair. I laughed. There was no way she is cutting my hair. I rather have a professional do it. Gets me out of the house.

I got to take a shower tonight to get the excess hair off my head. I got a good cut. My barber does an excellent job. I need to start reading Dostoevsky tonight. I want to try and finish “Brothers Karamazov” this month. If I read a chapter or two a day, that goal might be accomplished. But I need to stay off Twitter, my laptop, and Facebook to do it. I will definitely be reading the book tomorrow night to avoid the Twitter/Facebook chatter about the inauguration. It’s going to be a shitshow.

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