feeling frustrated due to pain

Feeling frustrated due to pain

I had another flare up of pain. I had touched the area that hurts and then while climbing into bed, I must have put too much pressure on my ankle. I got so frustrated and immediately felt suicidal so I emailed my psychiatrist that I was done but I didn’t want to go to the hospital. She felt like I needed to be and wanted me on a med/psych unit where she works. We have been talking about this for weeks and I still haven’t been admitted to this unit so I was ticked off that she suggested it yet again. I didn’t respond to the email and I am not going to.

Before dinner, I took a strong pain pill. Well it’s not several hours later and it wore off so I had to take another one. I haven’t moved my bowels since Friday. I took some fiber pills and magnesium to help move things along. It’s getting harder for me to have a movement. Got to love constipation.

I just feel like I am telling people about my pain but instead of them being understanding or being sympathetic, I am getting why not do this or that. That isn’t what I want to hear right now. It’s not what I need to hear.

5 thoughts on “feeling frustrated due to pain

  1. I have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. It is a complication due to CES. The pain levels vary as well as the type of pain. sometimes it’s only physical sometimes it’s nerve pain. It’s very frustrating because the different types of pain make it harder to treat. it’s all in my left ankle. I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in that ankle but if it was truly an inflammation, rest and ice should have helped it by now and it hasn’t.


  2. Hi. Please tell me more about the pain your having? I dontno know alot about ces but if i remember right its regarding the spine? Do correct me if im wrong.


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