Yesterday I was prescribe the bladder medication tolterodine. The pharmacist said to take it at supper time as that would be best so I took it when I got home as it was supper time. I have been feeling dizzy since. I am hoping with continued use the dizziness goes away. I just hope it doesn’t make my constipation worse. But wowsers, is the world spinning on me! I took my blood pressure early this morning and it was low. My pcp had said that after taking all my medications, my blood pressure could drop. Well it did. Whether the low blood pressure and dizziness are related I am not sure. I looked at side effects and apparently, nortriptyline and this med interact with some cardiac side effects. I got to watch that out. My psychopharm doesn’t want me using Zofran too often as it can lead to serotonin syndrome so fuck. All the side effects are similar so I am not sure when what is what. She gave me a list of side effects so if I get them all at once then I know it is the syndrome. I feel so taxed trying to remember everything plus keep track of my bladder and bowel movements. It is stressing me out. I plan on trying to clean my bowels up before surgery so I am not so constipated. My biggest fear though is pooping in the OR while I am under anesthesia.

My mother wanted me to go out today but I told her I wasn’t. I am not feeling up to it after my long day yesterday. I need to rest. I am still not feeling up to par from the side effects of this medication anyway. I feel so drowsy but then I was up almost 20 hours yesterday on 5 hours of sleep. I really didn’t sleep well as I kept waking up to pee. I had to set the med alarm at like 4 this morning because I didn’t want to sleep through with a full bladder. I have it set at five hours intervals, which is roughly the time it takes to cath five times a day. The uro NP wants it less than that but sometimes it is less than that because I could go every three hours or so, especially if I am drinking a lot. She wants me to increase my fluid intake by drinking 16 oz first thing when I wake up. That is half a bottle of Gatorade. I am going to go through a lot of Gatorade so I think I am going to order more next month. Just sucks that I can’t order a large quantity of the same flavor because lemon-lime is my favorite flavor. I get a warning when I am over 10 bottles. I usually order around 25 bottle and then 5-10 of a different flavor to break it up a bit.

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