Sundays are made for sleeping

Sundays are made for sleeping

Sundays are made for sleeping, when you are in pain and wake up in the early morning hours. I’m lucky my mother made dinner tonight as it hurt my ankle just to make some coffee. I got a Neurontin hangover because I took some more of it at like 5 am. It’s been close to 12 hours since my last dose of pain meds so I am feeling dizzy. I took a pill before dinner but it hasn’t kicked in yet. I am tempted to take the stronger pain pill. I was making sure there was nothing on my foot and accidently touch the sore part of my ankle. Now my pain is through the fucking roof. I just want to go back to sleep, and I might do just that.

I have been having suicidal urges since getting up at 1400. I still have to think seriously about this. Part of me wants to call my psych and part of me wants to say the hell with it. Only problem is that I don’t have the energy to go through with it. I have no motivation to put the plan in place. So I do nothing.

I have several things I need to do in my room. I need to empty the recycle bin and my trash bin by the bed. I also need to fill my pill box for the week. This tiredness that I feel is compromising me. I just want to sleep but I also don’t want to take out each pill individually when it’s time to take my night meds. I rather have them all in the box and then dump them out to take them. Just for the day, not the week.

It reached 55 degrees out. In February. In Boston. WTF. And I can’t enjoy it because I feel like a zombie and my ankle is hurting. Least the snow we got last weekend is melting. This week, I got to get new glasses. My eyesight has been giving me problems and I think it’s because the glasses are not as good as they should be. My prescription has changed but I haven’t been able to finagle getting them because of other expenses. I also need to replace my foam topper on my bed because it’s falling a part and not supporting me the way it used to. I found a gel topper for under $100 for my bed size so I will get that. I also found some flannel sheets that I like. I just hope they fit.

I needed to go to Walgreens to pick up my script of Zoloft. I will have to pick it up tomorrow if the pharmacy is open. Tomorrow is a holiday so I am not sure if they will have different hours or will be closed. I’ll go anyway to buy more dark chocolate. It’s been helping my mood. I have one or two pieces a day so I don’t think it will affect my weight much. I am not eating the whole package at once. But the chocolate is on sale so I would like to get more at that price if I can.

any thoughts?

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