got a lot done today

Got a lot done today

I woke up in the early morning hours. My foot started hurting soon as I was awake so I took some pain meds. I didn’t feel drowsy right away so I did some shopping online. I bought my groceries and a new pair of glasses as my current prescription is getting hard to see. I hope I didn’t over spend as I took a withdrawal from the ATM to get my haircut.

I went back to sleep and wanted to make pancakes when I got up but the bus was coming and I didn’t want to wait an hour for the next bus. I got dressed quickly, thinking it was 30 or so degrees. It was 55 degrees and I was sweating by the time I got to the bus stop. I usually check the temp before leaving the house but today I didn’t. I took off my jacket and stuffed it in my bag. I had breakfast at Starbucks with my coffee. I then went to my PCP’s office to pick up my prescription. I am glad they had both meds available. Saved me a trip.

I went back to the square to get my haircut. There was like an hour wait but I didn’t mind. I really like this barber. I always get a good cut. We chatted while he cut and we always enjoy each other’s company. It’s a good relationship. I then waited for the bus to go to the pharmacy to get my meds filled. There wasn’t a wait so they filled it fast. I was grateful because my ankle had started to flare up on me and it was more than 12 hours since my last dose of pain meds so I was starting to feel the effects of no meds. I didn’t think I would be out that long. I came home and drank some water and took my meds. I then waited to stop feeling dizzy before I made some oatmeal for supper.

I risked taking a shower and just about when I was done rinsing off, my foot cramped up on me. I still had to dry myself off. I was hurting really bad. It fucking sucked. But I had to wash my hair to get the excess hair off or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I quickly dried off as fast as I could. I then got the oatmeal and ate it while putting my foot up. That helped ease the pain a little bit. Until the pain got worse, I was in a good mood. Now I feel lousy. I am trying not to let it ruin the day because I did a lot in a short period of time. And the weather was good, even though I didn’t dress correctly. I hate that but it happens. Tomorrow it’s going to be 61 degrees out. I will try and go to the Post Office early in the morning and then maybe get to Starbucks if I time the bus schedule right. My grocery delivery isn’t until the afternoon so as long as I am home by then, I should be good.

I had to order more oatmeal as I only have one package left. I wanted to get cocoa puffs but they never really fill me up and then I am hungry an hour later. I think I am going to order meatballs, too. I can make a marinara sauce on Sunday and have spaghetti with meatballs. That will be good. I haven’t made a plain marinara sauce in a long time. I love making sauce. It’s one of my favorite foods.

My mother has an infection on her foot. Her foot is very swollen and one area she squeezed and pus came out. She is on antibiotics. I asked if she needed anything before I went upstairs because my foot was hurting and she gave me an attitude. I told her it was a nerve injury and that what I am doing is all that can be done. She didn’t want to hear it. I don’t know why I bothered. What killed me was that she compared me to her crazy assed sister that I can’t stand. That really pissed me off as I took it as an insult. I am nothing like her sister. Just aggravates me and I went upstairs. My mother can be so mean sometimes.

any thoughts?

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