Sunday Blog 23

Sunday Blog 23

I spent the afternoon with my aunt who is at a rehab center north of where I live. It was good meeting her. She remembered who we were and cried when she realized my father is no longer with us. It was good spending time with her and my cousin.

Afterwards, my sisters and I went out to have pizza. It was really good. Pizza is my favorite food anyways. We got stuck in traffic on the way home. My ankle was not happy with me and I needed pain meds but didn’t have any. I had to wait to get home. Then my sister had to go to the grocery store. I just snoozed in the car while she shopped.

Today was a totally different day than yesterday. Yesterday was near 70 degrees, today was half that. It was cold. My mother turned on the heat and we now have heating problems. One of the radiators was making noises really bad. My brother in law is trying to see what he can do to fix it. It’s really hot in my room so they must have turned the heat on high and then off as the radiator is cold now. I have the ceiling fan on.

I am pretty tired from all the driving around. Long drives always tire me out. I could nap but I don’t want to mess up my sleep at night, which hasn’t been too great lately. I took a shower today because I had to get the gel out of my hair. I also had to shave my goatee as my aunt wouldn’t like it. It was kind of getting unruly anyways. My aunt asked what I was doing for work and I just said that I work from home. She didn’t need to know that I am on disability as she obviously forgot. She asked what I do at home and I said that I type.

I wanted to make marinara sauce today but my aunt’s visit was more important. I can make the sauce tomorrow. I have no plans, other than calling the dentist. I really need to get my tooth filled before it gets bigger. It’s been almost three months now since my last visit. I have been putting it off because I hate getting my teeth drilled. It gives me anxiety. But it needs to be done.

any thoughts?

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