Reading on a Gorgeous Saturday

Reading on a Gorgeous Saturday

I had my coffee when I woke up this morning. My mother had woken me up earlier than I would have liked as she wanted to know if I was going out or not. I wasn’t as I needed a day’s rest from yesterday’s activities. Plus I didn’t get to sleep until after 0200 so I was pretty tired. When I came back to my room, I started reading Norse Mythology. There was one chapter that actually made me laugh. I am so enjoying this book. I read until I got really hungry at 1430. I had bought some Fenway Franks and I was dying to make them. I fried them up. They were so good.

After lunch, I just played on my laptop checking email, Twitter, and Facebook. I got an email from one of the facilitators of the course I will be taking Friday. It was just a greeting and to see if anyone had any questions. I was telling my mother and she asked why wasn’t I posting on Facebook. I said I was but it’s a small group of friends that want my book and I don’t want to keep posting the same message over and over again. And with Twitter, I have to be really creative to get a message with hashtags in 140 characters. I am not a creative person. I am toying with the idea of getting postcards made and handing them out at the Square or Harvard to see if that pulls any sales. I know they will end up more in the trash than anything but you never know. Lots of people have mental illness that they don’t share or are interested in stories about it.

My pain had been minimal till I was cooking the dogs. I swear I can’t cook anything without my ankle flaring up. It’s nice out so my mother has the back door open. I couldn’t believe it when I went downstairs. It really is a nice day. I haven’t gone out because it’s sunny and reading in the sun is difficult, even with sunglasses.

Well, my laptop almost got kicked to the ceiling. I started getting foot zaps and they were so painful. It felt like someone or something was biting me. I checked to make sure there wasn’t a bug under my covers but nope, nothing and no marks on my foot. Just fucking nerve pain fucking with me. There is nothing you can do when this happens, just wait it out. It is extremely painful. I rather have constant burning pain than zaps any day and twice on Sunday. Least I know my trusty Neurontin will take care of it in no time. My leg was doing it’s twitching thing before the zaps started so I had to take an Ativan. Now I am feeling sleepy. I want to read a chapter or two before I snooze so I will end here. Will write more later if I am up to it.

any thoughts?

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