ankle has filed for divorce

Ankle has filed for divorce

I am thinking of renaming my blog, Ankle demons, as I seem to write more about my CRPS ankle than about my mood lately or being suicidal. Anyways, my brother in law took my old foam topper off my bed and I placed the new one on by myself. It wasn’t that hard but it took some spoons. I then put sheets on my bed which took more spoons. By the time I was done, I was hurting but there was still more I had to do.

I had two boxes that needed to go out to the recycle bin as tonight was trash night. I also took my dirty sheets down and washed them. I washed and dried my comforter. By the time I got back to my room and placed the comforter on my bed, my ankle filed divorce. It is hurting me so bad right now. I can’t even describe the pain. It’s blinding pain. I just hope I don’t have to go to the bathroom because it really won’t like going up and down stairs one more time. I am thinking of wearing a diaper but am scared it will leak through. I don’t think I can pee in a diaper anyways but the thought has crossed my mind.

While changing my pillow cases, I noticed some holes in my favorite pillow. The two pillows that have been on my bed have lasted through a lot of years. I think it’s time to get new pillows. I have to be careful though because I bought a nice “firm” pillow one time and it shrunk to nothing within a week. It became so flat I couldn’t sleep on it anymore. I might as well just sleep without one. That will be next month’s expense. I already went over my budget this month with buying new sheets and the topper.

I should be listening to the ball game going on but I am so damn tired and in so much pain that it’s just not happening. I am checking the score though. It was scoreless at the bottom of the 3rd. The new guy Sale is pitching. Hope he lives up to the hype people have been giving him. The Boston Bruins (hockey team) have made it to the playoffs. Normally I don’t give a shit but this means they have playoff games which in turn means the baseball game is switched to another channel. I hate that. It doesn’t matter if I am listening to the radio because the station won’t change but if I want to watch the game, I need to pay attention to the hockey schedule, which sucks because I am not a hockey fan. The only thing I know about hockey is they need to place the puck in the net. End of story. Don’t care about anything else in between.

I hope tomorrow I am not sore but I might be. I did way too much stair climbing today. The weird part is that I wasn’t that out of breath the twentieth time I came up to my room. Watch tomorrow I will be short of breath every single time. Some days are like that though. I don’t know why. I think it all depends on my being tired or not.

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