another wicked hot day

Another wicked hot day

We are in the third day of 90+ degrees. I had to go out today to get my script at my PCP’s office. It was brutal after I spent all fucking morning waiting for the Verizon tech to fix my internet. He upgraded everything and I still don’t have it working. UGH!! So I am using my phone as my modem. Thank you Sprint for this service. I can’t stay too long on my laptop because I only have 10 GB of data. I hope to have my services back tomorrow.

My ankle is just about killing me now. I took a shower when I came home because I was a sweating mess. I turned the water to a colder temp and really cooled down but it caused cramps in my foot. It felt good on my head though. I didn’t stay in the cold water too long, though I would have loved to. It was very refreshing. I went to my room to get dressed because it was too hot downstairs.

I got my meds filled and I took them when I left the pharmacy because it’s been more than 24 hours since my last dose. I didn’t want to go through withdrawal. That is yucky. Looks like I came home just in time. The thunderstorms have started. I hope it cools off some, just for my mother’s sake. I worry with her blood sugar in this heat.

I was going to move things back to my room, but I am too tired and hot to do so. I will do it tomorrow. It’s supposed to be cooler, but then they said the same thing today and it was hotter. We’ll just have to see.

All I had to eat today was a turkey bacon sandwich at Starbucks. I might order a burger for dinner or maybe have a frozen dinner. I haven’t decided. I am getting hungry though. I would have made breakfast but I didn’t know what time the stupid tech was going to come. They said between 10 and 11 and he didn’t show up till around 1145. Then didn’t come up to my room till an hour later. He was shocked that I didn’t have a TV in my room. I told him I don’t watch it, just play on my laptop, which is why I need the damn net! Luckily, he didn’t comment on how messy my room is.

I am going to try and keep my printer on my desk. If I can keep a pathway to it, it shouldn’t be a problem. I had it on a chair before. That was only because I didn’t have access to my desk as shit was piled in front of it. I cleared a good chunk of it away and threw out a lot of old mail and recycled what I could. I figured whatever was on the floor was junk as it’s been there for at least 5 years, since my disability. I know the stuff on my desk I need as it’s stuff pertaining to my father’s death and my disability claims. I don’t know how long to keep them for but it’s only been at least three years. Eventually I will go through it and put it in a folders to organize it better. Who knows, I might actually be able to use my desk afterwards! I need to junk my desktop computer that I have. It’s a dinosaur now. I reformatted it the last time I used it so there is no useful files on it. I just can’t sit in a chair for too long anymore. I rather be on my laptop in my bed, where my “office” is shared on half of it. It’s a good thing I am not all over the bed when I sleep. I just stay in one position most of the night.

HOLY FUCKING WIND!! The house is shaking big time! It scares me. I never had a house shake from high winds before. I hope a tornado doesn’t happen.

Update, the high winds causes two trees to be knocker down, forcing the police to close my end of the street. My niece was on the news! She described what happened. She was so cute. I love her.

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