an afternoon of cooking

An afternoon of cooking

My grocery order came. I didn’t get my ribs or half of the Powerade that I ordered. I will have to go to Stop and Shop to get them. I stupidly gave the guy a coupon for the ribs. It was for 2 bucks off. Oh well. So instead of ribs, I am making chicken wings, which take 3 hours to cook. I had to cut each one because they weren’t separated into pieces and they had the extra wing on them that grosses me out. I have them in the oven now for 90 minutes and then I will turn them over and then let them cook with the sauce for another 90 minutes, broiling them for the last 10 minutes or so.

I had made coffee while I was waiting for my delivery. When it came and I put everything away, I made a sandwich. I had bought some pepper jack cheese and turkey breast. The cheese was hotter than I expected. It was still good though. Because not everything on my order came in, I will be getting a credit, which is good. They sent me the wrong kind of cream cheese so I won’t be making my dessert tomorrow. I need to go to Stop and Shop and buy the right kind.

My back and ankle are sore from standing and putting things away. I am not hurting real bad but I probably will be tonight. I am tired from the waiting and the little preparing that I did. I can’t risk taking a nap because I don’t want to oversleep and burn my chicken wings. That wouldn’t be good. I took a pain pill before the delivery arrived so I should be good for another hour or so.

Supper was great, though my mother didn’t like the rice that I made. I told her she wasn’t going to like it. She did like the chicken wings but said they were too sweet and too much sauce. Always a complaint when I cook. She is cleaning up so I don’t have to. My ankle would kill me anyways. I am beyond tired and my mother was not sympathetic.

My hands smell like chicken even though I have washed them with soap a few times. You can’t eat chicken wings with utensils so I guess that is the price to pay. I am glad they came out good even though I did make too much sauce. It’s hard to gauge. Every time I make them I either have too much or too little. My mother said too little is better. I like a lot of sauce and she doesn’t so there isn’t going to be a compromise.

I bought some Special K bites that are dark chocolate and pistachio. They are so good. It’s made with almond butter, something I never had before. I guess it’s healthier. I am going to have ice cream later. I can’t eat anything more right now or I will pop. I bought three different kinds, Breyer’s Black raspberry chocolate, Magnum berry chocolate bars, and Magnum dark chocolate vanilla bars. And no I don’t like chocolate, LOL just kidding. I feel bad for people that are allergic to chocolate or can’t have it because of other reasons, like giving them a migraine or something. I love dark chocolate more than milk, but will still have milk chocolate occasionally.

The other night, I was on the MLB website and was browsing through the clearance stuff for Red Sox gear. I wanted to get a phone case for my phone but they didn’t have it. I piled on and before I knew it, I was over $100. I went through it the list yesterday and discarded some items that were over $30. I got 3 items and I knocked the price down to $70. When I get paid tomorrow, I am going to buy the stuff. I will be getting a wallet, slippers, and a tank top. Because it’s over $50, I will have free shipping, which is cool. I just hope the slippers fit me well and don’t irritate my Achilles. These slippers are moccasin type. They are men’s but that doesn’t mean they will fit. Maybe I shouldn’t get them but another style. I don’t know, buy shoes was never a problem for me before my Achilles problem. Now I need to make sure the back is comfy so it cushions my tendon.

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