a day of sleep II

A day of sleep

I didn’t go to sleep till around 0400. Pain had been keeping me up. It was the same deal, dealing with different types of pain severity for most of the night. I tried my best not to panic but I ended up having a pain anxiety attack anyways. Around 0330, I took an Ativan and that finally knocked me out.

I had set my alarm so I would call my PCP’s office for an appointment. Yesterday while showering, I found a lump on my side. I think it’s just fat but I want to be sure. I fell back to sleep until around 11 or so. My brother in law called and wanted me to let a service guy in to look at his fridge. I spent nearly an hour waiting for the guy to figure out what was wrong. He spent most of the time calling his office to find out what to do. Unreal. He needs to order a part and I told him to call my brother in law to set up another appt to install it.

I went to the bathroom and looked at the time. I wanted coffee but I just missed the bus. I called my PCP’s office and he didn’t have any opening till Sept. Just great. I had them pass the information to his nurse and was just about to go back to sleep when she called. I will be seeing one of his residents tomorrow afternoon. Not what I wanted but oh well. It is better than waiting until Sept.

My mother called when I again was drifting off to sleep. I told her I wasn’t going out as I didn’t go to sleep until 4. When I did finally wake up, I made a burger and had a nectarine. I was contemplating making coffee, and I did so anyway. I just won’t have the full cup as I don’t want to be up all night again. I was dreaming of coffee before I woke up. Weird, I never dreamed about it before.

One of my teeth on my left side is hurting me today. I hope there isn’t a cavity there. I don’t get my cavities filled until the 13th of July. I will have the dentist look at it, if it is still hurting by then. I hate toothaches.

As I couldn’t sleep, I did some retail therapy. I bought another charger for my phone so I can charge it when I am downstairs. I also bought a portable charger to take with me as my phone’s battery is not lasting as long anymore. I’m lucky to get 8 hours between charges. Ever since they did the system upgrade, something has been eating my battery power and their “power saving” app doesn’t allow certain apps to run, at all, like my email and Twitter. It kind of freezes the phone which sucks.

It’s really muggy today. I have the AC going to cool my room off. I made the mistake of turning it off before falling into a deep sleep and when I woke up I was sweating. My room was really stuffy. I hated it. I quickly turned it back on.

I had wanted to make a dessert today but that isn’t going to happen. I might make it on Saturday. I was watching the video for it. I think I bought too much cool whip for the dessert, but we’ll see. I know my mother won’t have it because it’s really sweet as it is made with powdered sugar. The good thing is that there is no baking in the oven, just refrigerating. I can’t wait to try it. Maybe this weekend I will thaw out the ground beef and make my dirty gravy, that is, if the weather isn’t too hot.

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