brain fuzzy

Brain fuzzy

I got up a little after 9. My mother was washing clothes so I knew she wasn’t going to go over my aunt’s. I decided to make coffee. I was still feeling paranoid and my brain was feeling fuzzy. It usually happens after a psychotic episode like I had last night. The paranoia sticks around for a while. I felt like it was too early to call my psych so I just had my coffee and then made a turkey bacon sandwich.

My mother left to go grocery shopping and told me to continue to wash clothes. Then when she got back with the groceries, I had to help her put them away. My ankle was throbbing and I needed a nap. After everything was away, I laid down for an hour but I didn’t sleep. It was really cold in my room from the AC. I just huddled under the blankets.

I paged my psych and talked with her for a bit. She wanted to know if I wanted to go in the hospital and I told her no. I knew they would just drug me up or try me on a second generation drug for psychosis and I didn’t want that. I told her I was just going to stay in my room and maybe read. She said to keep in touch and I told her I would.

My sister called me saying she made a quiche. I don’t feel like having it. I think I am going to make mac and cheese for dinner. It’s been a while since I had that. My ankle is still hurting me. I took some pain meds before I laid down but they don’t seem to be working. I might need my strong pain meds. I really don’t want to take it because it’s been a while since I last had a bowel movement. I have started taking fiber pills but nothing is moving. I don’t want to take too much stuff because then I will be on the toilet all day.

I finished off my dessert today. My mother had a bite and said it tasted like Meringue pie. I said yea, but without the eggs. I don’t know if I will make it again. It was fairly simple. I like simple recipes. Tomorrow I am going to take out the ground beef so Tuesday I can make my gravy I have been wanting to make. I just hope I remember. Maybe I will take it out later tonight so it will thaw all day tomorrow.

I am feeling really hungover for some reason. Just feel like someone is after me but I don’t know who. It’s so frustrating when feeling paranoid. Think I will take 8 mg of trilafon tonight. I still need to fill my med box for the week. I’ll probably do that after I have dinner.

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