burgers and nectarines, Oh My!

Burgers and nectarines, oh my!

I didn’t go to sleep till around 0600. Then I woke up nearly every two hours. I had shut off my phone so I could sleep without interruptions. I am glad I did because my sister called me around 1130. I didn’t wake up fully till about 1415. I was wicked tired and had a headache. I made coffee and the first sip woke me up. Nothing better than that!

I thought my sister would have made the burgers but she wasn’t home. I thought about going to Walgreens to pick up my scripts and the order I placed, but my ankle started acting up about half way through my coffee. I didn’t feel like going out. I will just get them tomorrow.

By the time I checked the score of the ball game, it was around 1600. I briefly participated in the weekly BPD chat on Twitter. Then hunger got the better of me and I got the burgers from my sister. I made them for my mother and I. My mother didn’t like them. She never likes food that she doesn’t cook or buy, especially when it comes to meat. I had one and half burgers and then a nectarine. It was good. I was pretty full and then went up to my room.

While I was up in the middle of the night, I wanted to try out the camera on my phone so I took some selfies. I have a fairly thick set of chin hairs and took pics of them. Then I titled the pics about it saying I was a transman. My 2nd oldest niece liked the pics. I don’t know if she knows what transman is. I haven’t come out to her as she is a little immature and has a blabber mouth. I was hoping to give her the phone that I got her but she hasn’t come by yet. I don’t know when she will. Kids.

I’m hoping to take my meds a little later than I usually take them so maybe that will be the trick in me sleeping before midnight. It’s getting dicey staying up that late because if I am in pain, I am up all night or most of it. I emailed my psych before I went to sleep to tell her of my sleep troubles. She responded asking me to check in with her tomorrow and is hoping staying up all night reset my sleep cycle. I feel really tired and can go back to sleep but I’m not going to. I will try and stay up till 2100 and then shut off my electronics to sleep. I think I will read and see if that works.

Damn ankle is stabbing me. I just took some pain meds while I was drinking my coffee so I can only take the strong pain pill, which is my breakthrough med. Thing is, I am constipated so taking more of this pill will just make matters worse. I will put some lidocaine on it when I finish writing this blog. Lidocaine has been a lifesaver for me. It was working well last night until I moved my fucking ankle. Then all hell broke loose and I couldn’t sleep till 0600. Guess I am not taking a shower like I wanted to. I’ll have to take it tomorrow or whenever this pain settles down.

Lately, I have just been eating one meal a day. Yesterday I had some soup and eggplant followed by a steak and cheese sub with fries. Today was just burgers and a nectarine. I think I will have some cherries later. They are good. My mother doesn’t like them but whatever. I swear her taste buds are going as she ages. Nothing tastes right for her anymore, unless she makes/cooks it. I don’t get it. It kind of worries me that something neurological is going on.

any thoughts?

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