a low key day

Very low key day

I woke up around 0230 and didn’t go back to sleep till around 7/8. Around 0600, I decided to make breakfast because I was getting hungry. I made scrambled eggs with pepper jack cheese in a lavash bread that I bought yesterday. It was really good. I then decided to make my new coffee, which turned out to be a mistake. By the time it was done, I was falling asleep. I drank some it, hoping it would keep me awake but my tiredness overwhelmed the coffee’s effects. The mug was stainless steel and kept coffee hot so I grabbed the cover and tightly put it on. I didn’t want to waste my delicious, expensive coffee on the first cup! I went back to sleep and slept till around 1315.

I woke up again hungry. I drank my coffee and it was warm. I had a few more sips of it and then I couldn’t drink anymore. It was a big mug. I wanted to make turkey roll ups with cranberry sauce so I did. It was so good, I made two. Then I got sleepy again. While I slept, my phone went off but I didn’t answer the call. I figured it was my mother telling me dinner was ready. I was wrong. It was my doctor’s office calling me about a prescription I requested early this morning or last night. I don’t remember. She said she would email me through their secure email service so I checked it a little while later. The medication is drops for my ears because I have eczema. My ear canals have been really itchy lately and the drops that I have are expired. I don’t have anymore refills because those are expired as well. I don’t use the drops every day, just when my ears are itchy. The email asked if I had an ear infection of some sort. So I replied and had to explain why I needed the drops. I will call tomorrow if it doesn’t get called in. Kind of weird that I put in the request early in the morning and they didn’t call me until after closing time.

My pain has been bad all day. I made myself two meals and my ankle didn’t like it at all. I took my night meds a little while ago. I really have just been sleeping all day, waking up because my pain meds wore off. This condition is terrible. I hate being in pain all the time. I could see if I went out or something but I didn’t. I know it’s more like a recovery day for me as yesterday I did a lot of things. I am glad the heating pad that I used to ease the soreness on the bottom of my foot helped. I really need to get some kind of cushion for my AFO.

Sox are losing right now. Someone threw a stat out that Sale has gone so many innings without a run and I replied saying you just jinx him. He gave up 3 in the first inning. Asshole whoever that person was. If I saved the tweet, I would have shoved it in his face.

I need to change my sheets. I spilled a little coffee on them when I took the sip to see if it was hot. The foam topper is shifting again, pulling to one side so I guess I will have something to do tomorrow, if my pain is low. It shouldn’t take me too long as my bed, though a mess, is still fairly easy to clear off. I just hate changing sheets.

any thoughts?

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