feeling more hopeless after my neuro appt

Feeling more hopeless after my neuro appt

I woke up around 330 in pain. It was a hard decision whether to try and go back to sleep or stay up. I decided to go back to sleep and paid for it as I woke up late. I had just enough time to brush my teeth and get dressed before catching the bus. It was cool out and the sun had not shown itself yet. I just wore my glasses but brought along my sunglasses as I knew it would show itself later.

I went to Starbucks and had breakfast with espresso. I wasn’t in too much pain, but then I usually am not that time of the morning. Because I left late, it left no time for writing. After I finished eating, I left for the train station. I was feeling nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I would know soon enough.

I got to the neuro’s office and checked in with about 10 minutes to spare. The train was crowded so I had stood most of the way. My foot didn’t like it. After the medical assistant took my vitals, I waited for the doc. He was a few minutes late but he came. I explained what had happened and that I was hoping he could confirm the CRPS diagnosis. That’s where things got tricky. Because I have a previous nerve injury, I don’t have the “typical” signs of CRPS. When I told him that cramps had set off my pain, he became under the impression that the cramps had cut off blood supply to my nerve in my foot/ankle and thus I was diagnosed with nerve injury, not CRPS. He tested my foot and showed me the nerve branch he thinks is affected. Unfortunately, the area is not likely to show up on an EMG and the test itself could cause a significant flare up. He ordered some blood work and a special bone scan to either confirm or deny CRPS, but he thinks it is just a nerve injury. He started naming some medications that I never heard of. Only two I hadn’t tried. I can’t repeat them because he said them so fast and my knowledge of the class and what they would treat was limited. He said the treatment for the nerve injury and CRPS would be the same. I guess that is good. He didn’t really say what that treatment was, however. He is going to wait for the blood work and bone scan results to go over things with me.

I was stunned and left feeling deflated. I didn’t know what to think. I got my blood drawn and then headed home, hoping I would catch the 0930 bus. I did. The first person that I talked to about this was a friend on Twitter. I didn’t go into much detail, just summarized for her. I also told my CRPS group that I will let them know when I can process it and that it wasn’t good. I emailed my psychiatrist, who is not heavy into diagnoses anyway. She said that maybe it’s not a matter of what it is called but how it is treated. She wants me to get relief, which is what I want, too. I was hoping that I would get diagnosed properly and then finally be able to get on a longer acting pain med. Now that doesn’t seem likely. I don’t know if I will be able to continue on my pain meds. I’ll really be upset and suicidal if this happens.

I ordered McDonalds as comfort food and then took a much needed nap. My foot cramped for a few minutes before I finally woke up. I was hot as I shut off the ceiling fan and I needed to go to the bathroom. My mother made something and it smelled horrible. It was asparagus and eggs. I felt nauseous. I went to the bathroom and then went back up to my room.

My cousin had called me about an hour after I got home. She invited me to her house on Saturday for some painting thing. I told her it would depend on how I feel. My sister is going so if I feel up to it, I will catch a ride with her. We had a good talk. She is accepting of my being transgender and is happy that I am moving in that direction. She just wants me to be happy. She also told me to look into weed for pain control. I told her I was scared because I had a bad experience when I was a teen. I really don’t know if I can take it as I am under a pain contract with my PCP. I will need to discuss it with him. I rather take a pill than smoke it. I don’t know if it will be effective. Some people have found it to help them. She explained to me the different kinds. I just yes’d her. MJ is now legal in my state. If anything, I think using CBD oil might help so I can put the stuff directly on the area that hurts. It’s something down the line. I really want to try Kratom but need to research it more as there are different strains just like MJ as well as not so potent places that sell it.

I thought next week was pay week but it’s not, it’s the week after. I am bummed because I really want to replace my screen on my laptop. It’s getting worse and I don’t think it will last till December. I got to take it apart again and take a pic to send to my computer friend. The wire that connects the screen is securely taped. I’m not sure if I remove it, I need to put it back in place. Just another headache.

Tomorrow I see my psych after not seeing her for a month. It’s an early morning appt and because there is a funeral processesion going on in the late morning, I need to go home a different way. That is going to be fun. I just hope I remember.

any thoughts?

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