First Blizzard of 2018, AKA “Bomb Cyclone”

First Blizzard of 2018, AKA “Bomb Cyclone”

The snow was as predicted, around 15 inches in and around Massachusetts. My back porch has snow drifts that are up to about my neck. Snow is blocking the door. It will all turn to ice tomorrow as the temps are going to be like 12 degrees.

I have been turning my ceiling fan on and off most of the day because I was cold. Then the radiator would kick on and I would be hot again. Thankful I have heat as I am fortunate. During one of the off cycles of my ceiling fan, I heard a rattling of my blinds and movement among my drapes. There is a draft as my window isn’t insulated that much but it shouldn’t be rattling. I got up and pulled the blinds as sometimes when my window is unlocked, the top window sinks down. Sure enough, it was down by almost an inch. Crap. I couldn’t reach to put it up and lock the window so called my brother in law. I made way so he could get at it. Then decided to change the curtain rod my drapes were hanging from. One had bent and it was sagging. I didn’t want to hear a crash during the night when it finally gave way. I thought I would be able to put it up by myself. HA, I am funny. I could get one side up but not the other. I called my niece up to help me. She was able to do it in like 5 minutes.

The books that I had scattered around the window were on my bed. I figured I might organize them so they wouldn’t topple over. I thought of putting them in alphabetical order or by subject but after vacuuming the rug a little, I just wanted to get them off my bed as quickly as possible. I grouped likewise books together and then piled the shorter and thinner books on top I made three piles, hardcover, paperback, and my journals/notebooks. Least I will be able to find what I am looking for fairly quickly when I need it.

My mother is sick. She has some laryngitis thing going on. I hope I don’t get it. She was quick to point out that I should organize my whole room (because I 1) don’t have anything else to do and 2) I am “healthy”). We argued until I said I don’t want to hear it anymore. She says the same things when she gets into a mood and that I am “nothing” because I don’t do nothing, though she will deny saying this when you tell her how you feel. My ankle and back are killing me. I took a shower because I was full of dust and my feet were dirty. I had bought a shower mat and I love this thing. I should have bought one sooner. It is like a defatigue mat in the shower. I seriously do not have to worry about slipping, which is a good thing. I don’t think my mother has taken a shower in a few weeks though she washes up. I hope the mat helps her to be confident in the shower.

any thoughts?

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