beautiful crazy

Beautiful Crazy

I follow Luke Combs on twitter since I fell in love with his song, Hurricane. He recently released a new song, Beautiful Crazy, which I absolutely love so much. It reminds me of my friend in Canada that I have known for the past 17 years. We are pretty close and talk nearly every day via Messenger or through other social media. We sometimes text but I do it rarely as I know it costs us money to send messages. I love her so much and she does drive me crazy in a beautiful way.

I’ve been in pain since 1430. I made coffee and some toast then as I was walking back to my room, stupid thing flared up. The coffee made me tired so I tried to nap and my ankle bone screamed. I should have made a cup of tea. But I wanted iced coffee so bad.

The Sox game just ended. They won 5-2. The Red Sox twitter account posted a tweet about Benny and the Betts after Benintendi scored Betts. I loved it. Benny is my boyfriend, lol. So is Vazquez. I really love them.

My mother dropped something in the kitchen and I sprinted down the stairs to see if she was okay. She was. As I was walking back to the stairs, my ankle gave out. I am in a lot of pain right now. Fuck. Had to take my strong pain pill for the second time today. Might have to take some magnesium as my shin muscles feel like they are going to cramp soon. I hate being in a flare. I am supposed to be going out with my family tomorrow as it’s Mother’s Day. I got my mother a gag gift. Duct tape. HAHA I got it for her because she has been asking me what I did with it. I have no idea so I got her a new one. HAHA. Hope she laughs. I also hope I am not in pain all damn night like I was last night.

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