payback is a bitch

Payback is a bitch

I know I was hurting yesterday when I came home from my appt and getting my phone fixed. Today my legs were so damn sore. The back of both my legs made it impossible to walk. I did my one thing, which was to get the trash and recycles out of my room. I also dumped a box so now I have a little more access to my desk. Eventually I will get the pile of old mail that is on my desk and go through it. Maybe I will do that tomorrow as it is supposed to be hotter and humid. I hate the heat. Just going out to the bins made me so tired. The bags were only in the sun for maybe 5 minutes and they got so hot. I am sure if they were left, they would have melted.

I mostly stayed in my room. A friend on Twitter told me about these dog teeth cleaning toys that are cheap and you can use to massage your legs. I had posted that I had difficulty getting to the floor to use a tennis ball on my legs and she suggested that. The one I saw on Amazon was spikey so not sure if that was what she meant. She said Walgreens might have them, so I am going to check them out the next time I go out.

I’ve been listening to the radio while playing on my laptop and phone. It just hurt to do anything. I took a pic of my ankle this morning and didn’t realize it was so swollen. It just feels like there is a knife in it and I’m being stabbed repeatedly. Standing hurts. I might have to wear the boot the next time I go downstairs as my ankle almost gave out while coming back to my room after dinner. I am so tired of being in pain.

any thoughts?

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