bitch rant about everything today

Bitch rant about everything today

So my fucking pain woke me up *kindly* at 3 am. Took an hour and half to get back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I didn’t want to get up. I stayed in bed for 45 minutes, literally down to the minute to get up to use the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then get dressed to catch the bus. I got to the bus stop and checked the schedule. The bus wasn’t coming for another half hour to the Square so caught the other bus to catch another bus. I got to Starbucks and joyfully had my espresso. After yesterday’s hassles for caffeine fix, this was heaven. I had a sandwich and then had to catch the train. My pain had gone down, and I was suspicious but just kept going.

The doc was about a half hour late. She said I could take the allegra twice a day until allergy season was over (I have year round allergies, so don’t know what this means!) My lungs were clear and then I begged her for a chem panel to check my electrolytes. She put the diagnosis as bipolar 2 as she didn’t think my insurance would cover with a bronchitis diagnosis. Whatever. This was at 11 am. Still no labs back. I hope my potassium isn’t elevated.

I went to Boston’s Back Bay area to get my second phone fixed. It was going to take an hour so I went across the street to Starbucks so I could write in my journal. It was a nice day. The Starbucks didn’t have seating inside so I sat outside. I was by the Public Gardens and when my phone was done, I so wanted to walk through them but I was already tired and knew if I tried, I would hurt.

I went a different way home. I didn’t have to wait too long for the bus. I came home and I was just wiped out. I wasn’t having too much pain in my ankle/foot. I went up to my room and I nearly collapse. I just had a severe wave of exhaustion. I wanted a nap but couldn’t seem to settle down. I made a couple of phone calls. I ended up with voicemails so had to wait for callbacks. Luckily, both called me back and I was able to settle the issues. I will be seeing my former PT next week for my groin issue. I sent her an email saying I would be seeing her soon and the reason why. I am glad I don’t have to go through my history as she knows it.

After about an hour and trying to figure out what to have for dinner, my ankle flared and I got a migraine. I was just not happy. I was also frustrated. My mother was watching some show with bad violin playing. I complained on Twitter and some Canadian responded saying it was a PSA for strokes. I had no idea what she was talking about. She then explained, like I gave a shit. She also sent me a YouTube video. I didn’t watch it. I don’t fucking care. Leave me the fuck alone. I said my mother was WATCHING not that she was playing a violin. Jeez.

My mother then went to the kitchen and turned on the TV. My head exploded so I wasn’t going to the kitchen right then. I figure I would wait till she was done and then get something to eat. 45 minutes later she is still there and doing the dishes, with the TV full fucking blast. I went downstairs. As I made an egg, I lowered the TV. When it was done, I said are you watching the TV. My mother said no do you want to change the channel. I said no, I want it off. She then asked if my ears hurt. I said no, I have a migraine. She sarcastically said something and walked away. WTF. My mother just doesn’t understand anything that is wrong with me, be it a migraine, my psych issues, my CRPS, etc. Leave me the fuck alone. I ate in silence until my mother turned the TV in the living room on and turned up the fucking volume. Thanks Ma. I wanted a hammer so I could smash the fucking thing. She has closed captioning so why she needs the fucking noise, I have no idea. Even on mute, the words come on the screen. I was fuming and it wasn’t helping my head or ankle.

went into a flare when I went back up to my room and my nephew came by. We chatted and flare seemed to settle. Went downstairs and my mother wanted coffee so I made it for her. Took of my glasses because my head was still hurting. brought the coffee to my mother and went upstairs. Reached the top of the landing when I realized I left my glasses in the kitchen. Do’h!!! Guess what flared again????

any thoughts?

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