just a similar day

Just a similar day

I saw my mother this morning. She was in pain but doing better than I expected. She will be in the hospital till Friday and then go to rehab. I think she is there just to keep an eye on her sugars and such. Last night I really missed her and told her because I was not used to the quiet and it freaked me out. I kept trying to hear her and when I didn’t, I would panic until I realized she wasn’t home. It is going to take some getting used to. House is so quiet without her, mostly because the TVs aren’t blasting. But it is better during the day than at night as everything seems more quiet at night.

My ankle was kind of hurting when I came home. I made my niece some eggs as she was hungry. I thought that would stop her from eating Cheez Its but nope. When I went down a little later to make another cup of coffee, the bag was almost gone. I asked her if the eggs filled her she said yes. She is a teen. Oh well.

I got another fricken Spanish promotion thing from Xfinity/Comcast so I am going old school and mailing them a letter asking them to stop. It is a waste as it just ends up in the recycle bin.

I got to take a shower tomorrow. I can’t today or maybe I will later tonight if my pain goes down. It got worse when I made coffee. I had to take a breakthrough med. I had been doing okay the past few days, least during the day time, anyway. Night time is a different story. I turn into the midnight demon and mood sucks as well as pain soars. I am hoping to make a chili lime chicken burger for dinner. I had to defrost two because they were very stuck together. They are good. Very filling. I didn’t make bacon for breakfast as I didn’t have time. I just made egg and toast. And coffee. I got to clean everything when I am done cooking later. I have been trying to do as much as I can so it doesn’t pile up and become overwhelming.

It is hot today but no where near humid, thank god. I can take dry heat but when it is sticky, I hate it. I hate being in the sun anyway. I feel so exhausted. I can only imagine how it is going to be when I start the pain program, if I do anyway. I am going to be more demanding when I see the pain doc next in increasing my pain med dose because if I am in this much pain now just from seeing my mother in the hospital for a few hours, how am I going to deal with being out with PT and OT appts?? I won’t be able to tolerate more than an hour or two out. What is that?? Bad enough therapy days tire me out and I need a rest day. Maybe I can send a message to my PCP to get through to my pain doc. My psych certainly isn’t going to vouch for me, despite the many emails I sent her.

I read a couple of chapters of the Poe book last night. I got kind of bored with it but got a good quote from it. I didn’t have the punctuation right, which annoyed me as to why it didn’t make sense. I tweeted it out because it fitted the idiot in chief and the whole Russia thing. I am not too shocked that the buffoons in Congress let this fly yet again, this time with the whole fucking world watching. Supposedly, there are going to be more marches. There should be standouts. Blocking DC traffic until he is arrested for treason. If I could stand for hours, I’d be there. All these marches do is just inflate his distorted ego. He likes the attention, no matter how negative it is. In his warped mind, it is a “positive”.

Okay, I got a burger to make. Until tomorrow

any thoughts?

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