Saturday Blog 21 July 2018

Saturday Blog 21 July 2018

Plain and simple, I didn’t do nothing today. Well, nothing exciting. I washed the dishes I didn’t do yesterday and then I emptied the dishwater. It took me about an hour to do the dishwasher because my back kept acting up from standing. I find it easier to put away the silverware and then do one row at a time. I didn’t put away the Tupperware because I hate doing so. I will try tomorrow.

I just ate the leftover food from last night’s meal. For some reason, my heartburn pill hasn’t been working this week. Last few days, I’ve had some serious heartburn and reflux. I didn’t take the pill last night to see how I did. Having a tomato sauce was probably not a good meal to have when you didn’t take heartburn meds. I just hope the reflux doesn’t happen. I took the pill tonight because I didn’t want to be burping up acid like I did last night. That was not fun.

I am not happy with my sister or brother in law as they put the bed together for my mother but didn’t take the plastic out to the garbage bin downstairs. They just stuffed it in my barrel for me to take out. WTF. My brother in law still didn’t level the step after the last step of the spiral staircase going out. I watched my step this time because I knew it wasn’t level. Asshole.

I had a weird dream about a baby needed to go potty even though they had a full diaper on. My sister had put on a little mermaid cover to the toilet so as I am trying to figure out how to take it off, the poor kid is peeing all over the place. I dream the weirdest stuff.

I talked to my mother today. I miss her. She was eating lunch so I didn’t talk with her long. She didn’t walk to far, just a few steps was all she could do. I hope she progresses. I am sure pain is the chief reason but she can’t tolerate anything stronger than Tylenol (paracetamol). I feel so bad for her. I probably am not going to be able to see her until Monday night or Tuesday. Depends on how I feel after therapy. I start seeing my therapist twice a week next week. It is going to be tough. It always wears me out. Hell, just washing dishes and putting away the stuff in the dishwasher wore me out. I needed a nap. I didn’t make coffee today. I just had tea.

It’s been a cool day. I think there are storms for tomorrow, which stink. I won’t be able to keep the back door open to let air in. Sox lost. I don’t know who was pitching. I didn’t listen to the game. For some reason, I wasn’t interested in it today. Maybe I will listen tomorrow. Sale is pitching. He has been pretty good but like anything, if he doesn’t get run support, it doesn’t matter how many strike outs he gets. He has a lot so far as he gets at least 10 per game.

I got an email from my Amazon publishing. I will be getting royalties next week. One I know I won’t get right away because it is the British pound. For some reason it takes a while to go through. The other is Kindle and they never say in the email how much I am getting. One time I got 7 cents. HAHA what am I going to do with that? I rather get something though. I worked hard on my books. I still got to promote my second one. I got the postcards staring at me. I just got to get the energy to go to the station and hand them out. I don’t know how else to do it. I haven’t sold too many to even have one review. Maybe one day.

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