Night out

I had another rough night sleeping and woke up via my med alarm, took meds, and went back to sleep. I got up around noon and made something to eat. I also made a cup of tea. I would be having espresso so I didn’t want to make coffee. I checked on my niece but she didn’t want anything to eat. I asked her twice. I tried.

The bus was extremely late and I just made it to my commuter rail station to get out of Boston. My friend was already there. We boarded the train and talked. My sister called just as we were pulling out. My mother was at the rehab. I had tried calling but no one answered.

I had a good time with my friends. Food was really good but I took my main course home as I was full from appetizers and soup. Always the case. Least I have lunch for tomorrow and dessert as no one could finish. It was such a nice time.

I am not having too much pain but I am not home yet. I am waiting for the bus home. I hope I don’t have too much pain. If I am up, I will read Norse Mythology. I started it the other night because I was bored. I have been switching between Poe and Norse. Least I am reading something. My friend gave me a book tonight. It is a short book so i might read it after one of them.

any thoughts?

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