9 Aug 2018

9 Aug 2018

I had wanted today to be a self-care day. I made breakfast and coffee, then went up to my room, hoping to finish Norse Mythology. I have a few chapter left. I played with my phone and then settled down to read. I read one chapter when the coffee made me really sleepy. I wanted a nap and was all settled when t-storms came out with high winds and pouring rain. I grabbed my ankle brace and a sock then left my room. I had the hallway window open, which was all wet as the rain was coming in. The stairs were wet. I closed the windows and was glad I didn’t put the sock on before leaving my room as it would have been wet. I went downstairs and my mother was oblivious to the weather. She was in the bathroom, her walker blocking the tiny hallway we have so I had to go through the dining room to get to the kitchen. Rain was wetting the screen door but didn’t come in too much. The kitchen windows were still closed which I am glad as they were drenched with rain. I put my brace on once I put a towel on the floor by the door just in case water decided to come in.

I then peeled potatoes for dinner. I accidently took out fish instead of American cheese. I didn’t realize the error until I felt the bag and wondered why it was really soft. Then I read the label and was like oops. So I had to make dinner now because my mother is still not making big meals. I chopped up the potatoes after peeling so they would cook faster. My mother told me how to make the fish as I have never made it before. It cooked quickly as I made the mashed potatoes, which I made soupy as I put too much milk in it. Oh well. My mother wanted to make potato pancakes with the leftovers. I guess she won’t be able to now.

I am really hurting. My ankle bone has been feeling like someone is hitting with a hammer for most of the day, in spurts. I had taken a BT med before I went downstairs to cook but I was on my feet a lot of the time. I got to do the dishes but I am out of gas. I called my mother and she said she will do what she can do. I said don’t hurt yourself! I will feel horrible if she did. I wanted her to call my sister to do them. Fuck. I wish I wasn’t so tired and my ankle wasn’t hurting so much, both of them are hurting. I still need to take my meds. I think it is going to be an early night for me, but not too early as I will wake up before 1 am and then be up for the night.

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