another pain day number 983747

Another pain day

I went to bed at what is turning out to be my normal time of between 3 and 4 am (or later). I had woken up around 6 so used the bathroom and then took my morning meds so I wouldn’t wake up in a few hours. Then fell back to sleep.

I woke up with someone walking up the back stairs. My cousin, who has schizophrenia, came over and was fricken yelling for my mother to open the door. He wasn’t coherent in his speech as she kept asking him if he was at the back door. All the yelling back and forth made me stay in bed even though my bladder was close to bursting. I did not want to see my cousin at all because he starts a conversation and it always makes no sense. He left about a half hour later and I rushed to the bathroom.

I made some coffee. I wanted to change my sheets today but didn’t know if I would because my legs were killing me. My right calf is still being a fuck and my left hammy is still sore, though not as much as it was yesterday. I finished my coffee and then went back to my room. I had cleared off my nightstand so I could put my cup of coffee but no use for it now. I got back into bed and decided to clear off some of my office. I started putting the books and notebooks on the cleared area of my nightstand. It turned into a pile! I have no idea how this accumulated. I took off the few clothing items I had. I had to sit every so often because my legs were being stubborn. I had just one corner, the one that accumulates shit like weeds, to be cleared off. I had to use the bathroom again and when I came back, I cleared it off. I sat for a while. I know I couldn’t change my sheets. There was no way I could stand long enough for that to happen as my calf was already giving me fits and had started cramping. I had tried stretching, kneading, massage, rubbing all to no effect of relieving the soreness. Finally I put the heating pad on and that has helped a little bit. I didn’t want to because I was fricken hot but it had to be done.

I had my comforter full of my finger pickings and somehow nails that had escaped while cutting them. I took it off the bed to wash. Now I just got to change the sheets, which I will do tomorrow. I still got to have some energy to shave my head, although I am kind of sleepy so maybe it will wait till tomorrow.

I had given myself the T shot soon after midnight. My left thigh was not happy. I tried to lay down to sleep afterward but I kept getting knee pain. I had to put a lidocaine patch on that area for it to calm down. I knew giving the shot was risking as my thigh has been bothering me for the past week. I hope it is just sore from the injection and not something else. I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to try and go to Stop and Shop to get more Powerade. I only have one bottle left. I would have had more had there not been a fricken tainted lot that tasted like orange. It was so potent even as I emptied the bottle, the smell was overwhelming. I now know to avoid that lot. If you drink lemon-lime Powerade that is regular, not zero, it is the lot that ends with PWC1. I don’t know if I will go, depends on if I change my bedding or not. I am getting closer to having this done though! Such a bloody task to do.

any thoughts?

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