nervous and just waiting

Nervous and just waiting

I got everything sorted out as much as I can. I think I will get up at 6 tomorrow so I can shower and take my meds. T shot has been given. It was a little bloody but it got done. I hate when I hit a vein. I am so nervous about tomorrow. I treated myself to a chicken, ziti, and broccoli dish and was only able to eat half of it. I haven’t eaten anything else. Nerves are too much. I might have an Ensure with my night meds as last night I took it on an empty stomach and felt sick. I am supposed to have at least 350 cals with the Latuda. Usually I have a big meal around 4-5 but I wasn’t hungry yesterday. I can’t eat anything after 10pm and then can only drink clear liquids until 830a tomorrow.

I had my last PT session today. She gave me some tips for after surgery. I really am going to miss her. She encouraged me to get PT after surgery once I am able to. She left it up to me as my doc said I didn’t need it. I can always get the order from my PCP. I picked up a thank you card when I was at the pharmacy to pick up my psych meds. It was the last of the meds I needed for the month. Everything else is all set.

I keep doing little things as I think of them. Like making sure I have a bag of Gatorade by the bed. It might be hard to bend down so I am going to put some on a shelf by the bed so I just have to reach for them. I haven’t moved the basket out of the way yet. I will in a little while. I am so fucking nervous and I am trying to calm down. Sox had a double header and lost the first game. Our bullpen sucks now and I don’t know why that is. It has been months since the sticky stuff ban so they shouldn’t still be bad but they are. Also doesn’t help that when bases are loaded and no one is out, no one can get a fucking hit. They will ground into a double play or have a pop out or strike out. Kills me hearing it. I don’t watch the games because sitting up hurts my leg.

I shaved after I showered and I think I missed a spot on the back of my head. I will have to go over it the next time I go to the bathroom. I like that I have been keeping up with the shaving. I don’t know if I will after surgery. Depends on how much pain I am in standing up. I am worried about post op pain. I have enough meds so I know I will be comfortable or at least I should be comfortable. I have a friend that went through this not too long ago and she helped talk me through aftercare. I am hoping to be numb for a while.

any thoughts?

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