Jumping around (a book) and other thoughts

Jumping around (a book) and other thoughts

So my last blog I wrote about how I bought a book about the standard legal and ethical care of the suicidal patient. In the appendix it listed an “Anti-suicide” contract. I was curious about this as I was hoping it had nothing to do with a “no harm” contract. I was correct. It was similar to the “commitment to living” contract that I wrote about here. But the funny thing and I don’t mean the HAHA funny, is that it lists the lethal dose of common drugs in this book. I won’t go into specifics about these tables, but for an anti-suicide book, I find it odd. I have never seen a table like this listed in a preventative book before.

The book is the second edition, not the first like what I thought I ordered. The original book was printed in 1991. The second edition, 2002. I didn’t know this. I have heard of the author before. He is in another book about the legal and ethical treatment of suicidal patients. That book is co-edited with a bunch of other suicidologists. I had bought both books because it was referenced with an article I was reading and I wanted to read the reference. Trouble is, I forgot the article and the reference. I didn’t make note and so now I have these books but I don’t know why I have them. They will be read in the course of the year. I am doing a reading challenge on GoodReads.com. It will come in handy because I don’t have 20 books to read this year. I have about 15, which leaves me 5 short. I have read 6 books so far this year for this challenge. I had put Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov on it but I think I am going to remove it. It’s much too long to read and I have like 6 books on Kindle I downloaded that I want to read. Four of these book are Lawrence Block books. I had started one book but I read “Common Struggle” today and I am wiped out for reading. I still have Harry Potter to read. I don’t know when I will get around to reading that book.

I had pizza for supper. My mother made it and it was good but my stomach didn’t like it. I think I ate too much as I haven’t been eating good the past three weeks or so. I think I am going to have to have some Alka-Seltzer to settle my stomach. Tomorrow I will buy the generic version of Mylanta. The PPI that I have been using for my reflux just hasn’t been cutting it for indigestion.

I had to bust out laughing when I saw the weather report for Friday. We are supposed to get 0.1 inch of snow. That is nothing! Why even bother reporting it??!! And they are calling it a fucking storm! Are you serious?? The weathermen have nothing better to do these days then to call snow that is 0.1 inch a storm. RIDICULOUS!

For the past half hour, my leg/ankle/foot has been having a weird pain. It’s starting from my calf muscle and is wrapping its way around my leg to down my ankle and foot. I have never felt this before and it’s not my usual pain that I have. My toes are singing to me. That is my usual pain. But that is also because I got zaps in my toes a little while ago before this weird pain started.

My father is still mad at me. He is paranoid. He thinks my sister and I are conspiring to kill him. I had the “pleasant” task of talking to his doctor’s staff today about his refusal to take his medication. Apparently, he told my father he doesn’t want him taking it. Well, don’t you think I should know that?? I am so pissed. Here I am telling the guy to take his meds or bad things will happen and the doc told him not to. I am livid. As the “keeper” of this medication, I should have been told this information. And getting him back on this medication is going to be a hassle. I am not going to be the one to tell my father this because I am “trying to kill him”. He better be put on some other blood thinner. Or I will have him go back to his cardiologist and have him explain to him that he needs to be on it. I am done with coordinating with a PCP that has no regard for the family members who deal with my father’s medication and then leave out pertinent information regarding it.

In other news, there was a “trespasser” on one of the commuter rail lines today and he/she got hit by a train. This is the second person to get hit and now they are closing the station temporarily. I seriously doubt they will say it is a suicide attempt or not. The T doesn’t report “jumpers”. But I am wondering if someone was crossing the tracks and they got hit by the train because it was easier than going around the world to get to the other side. I have seen that happen before. No one got hurt but it is still risky.

any thoughts?

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