Saturday Blog 56

I had woken up at a decent hour but I was in pain. I took some meds and went back to sleep. I slept most of the day. I just had some breakfast/lunch. I am not that hungry for dinner. I have a splitting headache that is making me want my pillow.

It’s been a cloudy day for the most part. The only time I went outside was to check for mail. I found that someone had moved my bags and I am pissed at that. My sister wants the space that my bags are in to put a cabinet for her toiletries. I like having my bags near the door because then I don’t have to forget it and go back up the stairs for it, especially if I am in a rush to catch the bus.

Despite sleeping most of the day, I am still wicked tired. I tried watching the game but my headache got worse and my allergies were bad as the pollen kept blowing in the windows in the kitchen. It’s very cool out, only about 60 degrees. It’s been nice but I am back to wearing winter PJs. I was going to take a shower but I don’t feel like it. I am too tired. Maybe I will try tomorrow.

Because I woke up really late, I didn’t make coffee. I was having a weird dream about my friend in South Africa. I dreamt he came to Boston and I was wheeling him around in his wheelchair (he is disabled due to CES). I was taking him all around MGH for some reason. We also went swimming. Just as I was starting to wake up, I was going to take him for coffee and dinner. I think that was why coffee was on my brain. If it was an hour earlier, I would have made it. I usually like to have my coffee before 1500. Any time after that, and I run the risk of not sleeping well.

I don’t know if this headache is going to turn into a migraine or not. I took some Excedrin to calm it down. I still need to take my meds but it’s too early right now. Think I am going to just take trilafon now and then take the rest of my meds later tonight.

One thought on “Saturday Blog 56

  1. I drink coffee at any hour, no wonder I have a crap sleep pattern. I love my coffee though and don’t feel like cutting it out even after certain times. its ok if I don’t have much on because I can get up when I want. its only when I have appointments or things to do that I need to sleep at regular times and hours. xxx

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