My night out

My night out

I went out with friends tonight for dinner. We had a good time though the train coming home was late and we were afraid we missed it. It was so filling. I ate way too much, even though I probably shouldn’t have had dessert. That just about killed me. And my friend who doesn’t like to waste food, finished off the desserts for us. It was too funny.

On the train ride home, a drunk got on two stops before I had to get off. He feel asleep soon as the train was moving. I was afraid he was going to topple over on me so I got up to move. He smelled so bad of liquor. I think he got off at my stop but I have no idea where he went. Thankfully he didn’t get on the bus that I went on to go home.

My mother is okay. I was worried something might happen while I was away but it didn’t. It’s the first time leaving her alone at night since her hypoglycemic episode the beginning of the month. It was good to get out with friends but I also was worried about my mother. I thought about calling her but I didn’t want to bother her. I figure my sister would give her the run down anyways.

It was so hot in the house when I came home. I didn’t leave the AC running because I wasn’t home and my mother would flip but I left the fan running to keep my room as cool as possible. It didn’t work out that way. I had turned off the AC during the night because I had a wicked bad sneeze attack before bed last night. The room was hot so I turned the AC on for a few hours before I had to shut it off again before leaving. The room was cool but not cold like it was when I left it. It was stuffy when I came home. Yuck. Now it’s nice and cool but it’s taken almost an hour to cool it off. I will be keeping the AC running all night, like I usually do in the hot weather. I can’t stand the heat. It just makes me crazy.

I have therapy tomorrow and Wednesday. I am not planning on going out the rest of the week. Only thing I will go out for is cream, which I am running low on. I don’t think it will make it till next week. I am also running low on coffee. I am so sad my Brazil coffee if coming to the end of the bag. They have a new kind of Brazil coffee at Starbucks that I have been meaning to try. I will next week when I can replenish funds. If I don’t like it, I will just get Pike’s coffee and Breakfast Blend. Both are mild coffees but different tastes, though Pike can be a little strong. I haven’t quite figured out how to scoop it so it’s perfect. One of these days.

any thoughts?

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