Early start to a Monday

Early start to a Monday

I have been having a difficult night sleeping. I got a stuffy nose so I couldn’t breathe right for most of the night. I kept waking up having to sniff. I knew if I got up to blow my nose, that would be it and I would be up. I finally gave up around 0630 and blew my nose. I was pretty congested so I took my nasal medicine. I hope I am not getting a cold. I hate colds more than I do other illnesses. I haven’t been in contact with anyone with a cold so I hope it’s just allergies. Course the weather has been a pain in the neck the past few days. One day it’s 70 degrees the next it’s in the 50’s or below. All this week it’s supposed to be in the 40’s. Fun.

My ankle and foot are hurting me and I said fuck it, I took two pain pills. Then I got stabbing pains in my foot that are killing me so I made the right choice. Now I just need to wait for them to kick in. I should be sleeping most of the day. I just hope my nose cooperates.

I checked my bank account and my check didn’t come in. I had a feeling it wasn’t going to. I don’t know if it is my bank that is the issue or the LTD people. I should get it tomorrow morning. What a bummer. I really was hoping to get some things today that I need, like my groceries and my car reservations. Now I got to wait. I hate being dependent on someone else’s time.

If I am up to it, I might go to the Square today and take the bus to city hall to vote. It all depends on my mood. I should make coffee but I don’t want to be up until later this afternoon. If I drink coffee at home, I usually don’t go out to get coffee because that will be too much caffeine for me. I will be bouncing off the walls and jittery and I don’t like that feeling.

I am so looking forward to making my Nantucket Cranberry Cake this week. I finally will be using the food processor I bought. I hope using it is easy. I have never used one before. I know the cake is going to be yummy. Then for the party I am going to, I will be making my pumpkin cake. I love cake, in case you haven’t figured that out yet, LOL. I have gained about 5 pounds since baking all this stuff, but I think the Neurontin that I have been taking the last week and a half has been helping to keep it on and then some.

Well, my meds are kicking in faster than I thought they would. I am feeling really drowsy. I hope I sleep. Until later my friends.

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  1. I hope you did not get a cold. having a blocked up nose really sucks. hoping the pain was not too severe. you’ve had so much intensive pain lately. you need a break from it. hugs my friend. xoxo


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