Random 134

I saw my psychiatrist this morning. We talked about my therapist and how I should proceed. I really didn’t want to proceed as I had an end date but feared I would be hospitalized if I said that. So I am going to try and talk to my therapist Tuesday. I really don’t like this monthly bullshit and neither does my psych. I would try and talk with her Monday but I am not sure she is in the office or not as it’s a school holiday. I plan on leaving her a voicemail message rather than a text so she can call me and I know she will get the message. If I sent her a text, she might not read it and I will be sitting there wondering when she will respond.

She was worried about me when she read my letter and she is holding me to the trust we have regarding calling her when I need to rather than acting on my impulses. I wish she didn’t say that because I will feel guilty going through with my plan. I think she is going to see me every week until March or until she feels my ideation has settled back to the underground.

Towards the end of our appointment, I asked her if she read my book and she said yes. She said my writing has improved and it’s sophisticated. I think that is the best compliment I ever got. She said she forgot to bring it and I said I will be in next week if you want me to sign it. She laughed.

I felt good about the feedback on my book. I ran an errand after I went to the Square. I had to buy some bread as I was out. I misjudged the bus schedule and had to wait 45 minutes for the next one. I am glad it wasn’t freezing cold out but it was cold enough after 45 minutes! I was starving by the time I was near home. I had to drop off my script to Walgreens so I bought some things and went home. I bought a protein bar and that didn’t help my hunger. I made a black bean burger as it was going to be at least 2 hours before my niece would come home and I could order pizza. While I was eating the burger, I moved my ankle the wrong way and it didn’t like it at all. I was in intense pain. Guess I wasn’t going back to the pharmacy to pick up my script. I had already taken my pain meds so I was fucking screwed. There was nothing I could take. Eventually it settled itself down. I’m still in pain but it’s not as severe.

I was getting drowsy so I had another cup of coffee. I thought the cup I had this morning at my sister’s was caffeinated but it was decaf. I never knew the difference, but then I never had that brand of coffee before. I am glad I had a second cup of coffee at Starbucks. I had Casi Cielo. It was awesome. I got my bag of coffee today so tomorrow I will head to the Square to have it grounded. I also plan on getting some k cups so I can use it on my sister’s Keurig. I had the coffee about an hour ago and already it’s wearing off. I am just so tired. I will be taking my meds soon and my strong pain pill so I should be able to sleep. I’ll let me niece do her own thing tonight. She doesn’t have to get up early tomorrow and neither do I.

any thoughts?

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