Saturday Blog 73

Saturday Blog 73

I am having a rough day. I woke up in pain and the pain has continued throughout the day. I am not happy. I sent an email to my psychiatrist around midnight when I had been up for 20 hours and told her what was running through my mind. She just wants me to keep in touch, this is after I told her I would work on my will today. I still haven’t done it because I have been sleeping most of the day. I will sometime tomorrow. I can’t really think today anyways, and what I wanted to add to it, I forgot already.

I got a text from my niece asking me to babysit her. I responded and she texted me back that it was her mother that texted her not me. I wrote back FINK. Then my sister calls me asking if I want to babysit. I told her I couldn’t. My foot is just too painful. I need to eat something but I’m not really hungry. If I do make it downstairs, I am just going to have some microwave popcorn. That is all that I want to eat. I really would like to order a burrito but I can’t make it down the damn stairs. Guess I can order it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my niece’s birthday party. I don’t know if I am going to go or not. It all depends on my pain levels. She turns 21 on Tuesday. Next Sunday, I am taking the older nieces out for dinner. It’s their birthday present. My stupid cousin wants to join us but I told her no. I just want an outing with my nieces alone. I don’t need her craziness to ruin my day with them. Besides, I don’t like her very much. She just annoys the crap out of me with her idiotic talk. Nope, she isn’t coming or the whole thing is off. I don’t care.

I still can’t believe how much my ankle was hurting and swollen last night. The swelling has gone down and so has the pain. It was a weird swelling, like there was a band around my ankle it and it just puffed up. The intense pain that was driving me suicidal was at least an inch or so below the swelling. I don’t get it. Fucking pain syndrome. I tried using the Tommy Copper compression thing but it kept digging into my Achilles and it was more painful there. I had to take it off. I touched the area today to see if it was swollen and it wasn’t so the compression sock must have touch a nerve or something last night. Course my whole foot and ankle was so sensitive it wouldn’t take much to add pain to it.

I am feeling really worn down from pain today. I did make coffee and finished off the chicken parm that I ordered last night. That has been the only thing that I ate today. I am not that hungry but I need to eat I am waiting for my pain meds to calm down my toes and foot so I can go downstairs.

It sucks there isn’t a game on tomorrow. Next Sunday there is the big football game. I can’t wait. I hope the Pats win. It’s going to be a tight game is what I am thinking. I got to find out what time it is on. I think it’s going to be on at 8 but I could be wrong. I bought tortilla chips and my favorite salsa for the game. I am trying hard not to open it before then because I could eat the whole thing. It is so good. It’s a pineapple medium salsa from Newman’s Own. So yummy. I also got multigrain tortilla chips. I like them better than corn. They have more flavor.

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