Saturday Blog 74

Saturday Blog 74

I didn’t have a good night. I woke up in pain every single time I tried moving my ankle. It was terrible because it was just normal movements, not even a stretch or anything. I saw stars every time I moved it. It was awful. I kept taking my regular pain meds because I am running low on my strong pain pills. I meant to put in a refill request on Thursday but I forgot and Friday was too late by the time I remembered.

I am feeling really sad. I woke up late and could barely make it down the stairs to go to the bathroom and make some coffee. I had some left over Chinese food that I ordered last night. It was good. Sometimes I think leftover food tastes better than when it is delivered. I am in pain from moving around to fix myself something to eat and use the bathroom. That is nothing new. It just depresses me because it happens every single day. It just lowers your self-esteem. You feel defeated.

A friend of mine sent me a poem about trees by Hesse. I don’t remember his first name but the poem was truly powerful with the language. I really liked it. My friend is off hiking with his son right now so I will text him later to say that I liked it. He also sent me a movie but it’s too long to keep my attention. I haven’t told him this but he hasn’t asked about it so I won’t say anything.

Other than just waking up and fixing myself something to eat, I haven’t done anything worthwhile. I am listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter because one of her songs was going through my head. She calms me down when I am having a rough time. Her voice is really soothing to me. I have most of her albums since the 90s. She isn’t on country radio anymore as her genre has changed so I just get to listen to her music through my MP3 player.

I think I am going to try and read some Dostoevsky. I want to try and get through his book this month. I don’t know if I will be able to because I am planning on going into the hospital the following week. I don’t know if they allow Kindles so I won’t be bringing it. I am also not going to be wearing my sneakers for fear of them taking my shoelaces. My psychiatrist is going to try and get me on the unit at the hospital she works at. If not I will have to go to the other hospital that I go to. I really don’t want to go there because they don’t help me. I feel like it’s more of an expensive babysitting service than treatment.

I feel like making my pumpkin cake. I might make it on Monday. My foot is too sore to make today. Tomorrow is Superbowl stuff so maybe I might make it then for the party. We’ll see. My brother in law is making ribs and chili. He makes a very good chili. I will be watching the game in my kitchen because I know my mother will be taking over the living room TV. That is ok. I don’t mind being in the kitchen because I can eat and not worry about making a mess so much. It should be a good game. I am not expecting it to be a high scoring game but you never know.

Last night as I was in horrible pain, I emailed my psychiatrist because I was feeling so hopeless. I asked her if I was a hopeless case. I said it was important for her to respond. She said “absolutely not”! That made me feel better. I feel like my psychiatrist is the only one supporting me right now in the real world. Everyone else is online.

I was hoping to take a shower today but I don’t think I will. I will try tomorrow. I hope the pain is less so I can stand for a few minutes. I don’t like sitting while showering.

One thought on “Saturday Blog 74

  1. you are doing a great job of trying to manage despite everything going on. keep it up. your psychiatrist is supportive and we are all here for you. I hope the hospital stay will be beneficial. xxx


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