Pre Superbowl Blog 2017

Pre Superbowl Blog

I just did my meds for the week so I wouldn’t have to do them when the game was over. While I was doing them, one of my hormone pills made a jump for it and I can’t locate it. So I am going to be off a this week, which means I might get my menses next week. Lovely.

My brother in law made his chili. I had a bowl and it’s just the right spicy for me. I think he put pork in it, which I hate when he deviates from the normal chili. It just drives me nuts. I ordered buffalo wings because I was craving them. They were good. I am glad I ordered 15 and not 8. I shared them with my niece and bro in law. I didn’t like the blue cheese though. It had a funny taste to it.

I took a shower and now I am exhausted. I just finished taking out my recycles. I really haven’t done much today and I am wiped out and ready for a nap. I am not in that much pain, though my toes like to flare up and then flare down so I haven’t taken anything for it. I had to take some meds around 0730 when I woke up because I was in pain. I hope it stays like this. I could use a day off from pain.

My sister is having a party for the football game. I will last until the game starts and then I will go to my kitchen and watch it. I like to watch it in a quiet space and tweet. I did that two weeks ago. It was fun. I just wish I had some chips and salsa with me but today I will have it if I am not too full off what my sisters and brother in law made.

And remember GO PATS!!!

any thoughts?

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