cold day but I’m hot

Cold day but I’m hot

It was hot in my room, even with the ceiling fan and window open. I decided to empty my recycles as they were getting a little out of hand. It’s been a while since I took them down to the bin we have. I had to use a big trash bag and I was sweating by the time I was done putting all of them in. My back was killing me too from reaching to grab those that I threw but missed the bin that I have in my room. I don’t know why I bother throwing them. I miss 90% of the time.

I had made breakfast before I got dressed and did the recycles. Unfortunately, I had spilled my juice because my hands were greasy from the bacon and the glass slipped from my hand. I had to wash the floor so it wouldn’t be sticky. I was cursing because I should have wiped my hands before reaching for the glass. Oh well, live and learn, right?

I plan on making my Nantucket Cranberry cake today. I can’t wait as I love making it. I have the cranberries thawing out as they were frozen. I am going to take a slice to my psychiatrist on Friday. She hasn’t had it yet. My mother told me she will be making pork fried rice. I am NOT looking forward to it because the pork is almost a week old. YUCK. I might just eat the rice and skip the pork.

My pain is minimal today. After breakfast, I went to Starbucks to have my espresso. I put in the soy milk like I always do and unfortunately, it curdled so I couldn’t finish it. I ended up getting a caramel macchiato so to have caffeine. I am wired. I should have complained so I could get a free drink but I hate making a fuss.

I had a hard time writing in my journal while I was there. I just couldn’t get going. I only wrote about a page before I ended up leaving it to catch the bus home. The bus was a little late in leaving but I didn’t mind. I was listening to Record year on repeat. I had to listen to it because I heard a Chris Young song that made me think of my therapist and that just got me missing her. I still haven’t heard back from the therapist I called yesterday. I hope she calls me today though it’s getting later so maybe not.

While I was at Starbucks and thinking of stuff to write, I ordered a new foam topper for my bed. The one that I have is falling apart as it’s more than 10 years old. It also doesn’t really support me the way it used to. I hope the newer one works just as well. I was going to get a gel foam topper but I heard gel can cause you to heat up and I hate feeling hot. I went with one that was under $60 so I hope it’s worth it. I also ordered RENT cd to replace what I have. I seemed to have misplaced disc 2 and I really want to hear it. Watch me find it after getting the new CD. Isn’t that how it usually works?

I was talking with my cousin who has depression. She is having side effects from her medication and her psych put her on a brand new med. I am weary about switching and I warned her about potential side effects from my experience and what I read from the prescribing information. It’s a med that will not be right for me because I don’t do well with SSRI’s usually. Zoloft is the exception. I have been on it for a little over a year and it hasn’t made me sick, yet. I get occasional nausea but I think it’s because of post nasal drip/allergies. I need to use Flonase more often to keep it from happening, especially with the blooms that are going to be happening. The trees in my neighborhood I am allergic to and will sneeze my head off if I smell them. I don’t know what kind of trees they are but they form white flowers before they turn to leaves. The flowers give off a scent that I am allergic to. I hate flowers anyway but these kill me every year. There is a new antihistamine on the market that I am thinking of switching to as the Allegra just isn’t working as well as it used to. I am going to try it and see how it works for me. It is expensive though, like all new drugs are. Maybe I can get a prescription for it. I will ask my doc when I see him. I still have a close to a full bottle of Allegra so want to use it up before I switch.

One thought on “cold day but I’m hot

  1. I think those trees are Bradford Pear. They bloom even before the Cherry Blossoms. I think they are beautiful 🌳🌳 And I love flowers 🌷🌸🌹🌺🌼🌻


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