way overtired and in pain

Way overtired and in pain

I had a really long day and I should be sleeping right now but I am so overtired that I can’t sleep. I thought I would write a little bit as they usually calms me down some. I wrote about what I did today in my previous blog so I won’t bore you again with what I wrote.

I should have brought up the book that I am reading. I am reading multiple books right now that I can’t seem to decide which book to stay focused on. I am reading Huck Finn, CBT for preventing suicide attempts, and Robert Lowell. I would try to read but sometimes that gets my brain stimulated and that keeps me up. I am also in pain, which doesn’t help going to sleep.

I didn’t do a lot of walking but I did do a lot of sitting, which I normally don’t do, or if I do, I have my ankle elevated. I didn’t have my ankle elevated at all today while I was out. Now it’s angry with me. I then went over my nephew’s house to watch a movie with him. Again I didn’t elevate my ankle. It didn’t like that. I had to take a strong pain pill because the pain was severe and I couldn’t take my regular pain meds yet. Then I got zaps in my foot. That was fun. I had them last night, too, in the same spot. Nerve damage sucks.

I took my meds late because I watched a movie with my nephew. It’s the second night this week where I took my pills later than I normally take them. I hope there isn’t any consequences for this. I hope the pain settles down soon so I can rest. Right now, it’s really angry with me and I know soon as I lie down it’s going to flare up. It’s so frustrating.

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