book pile and other things

Book pile and other things

The picture above is of the books to be read. It’s mostly hardcovers so it’s a heavy bunch and I fear it is going to topple over. The pile was higher until I opened my window a few months ago and the pile collapsed when I went to move the hamper behind it. My ankle is hurting so I am not in the mood to adjust the pile so it doesn’t fall. When I take my meds, I probably will adjust it as I will be up anyways. It will be scary to hear a thump in the middle of the night should it fall.

I changed my bedding and it was a hassle. Once I removed the dirty sheets (easy part), I had to readjust the foam topper to it wasn’t falling off the side of my bed or shrinking down to the bottom of it. I don’t know why it moves so much. My last one didn’t. It’s just annoying. Then I had to put the clean sheets on. Getting the fitted sheet on was a bitch. I’d put one corner on and when I put another corner in, it would pop out. UGH. I hate putting sheets on the bed. I had to rest after everything was settled with just the fitted because my back hurt. A friend wrote me an email so I decided to respond to it while I rested.

Now that I have my sheets changed, I am resting. I made burgers for lunch and dinner. I had to use the meat up before it went bad. I kind of let things burn a little as the burgers were thick and I wanted it well done. I stunk up the house with the grease smell. Oh well. My mother went grocery shopping and I helped put away the groceries. She had the job of putting things in the freezer as she is a better organizer than I am. I just put away the perishables like ice cream and milk. I also put some freezer stuff in the basement freezer as the fridge one was full.

My mood has been all over the place today. It’s pain related. I woke up with a Neurontin hangover and needed coffee badly. After I had my burger, I made coffee. It was good and made the hangover go away. Then I started the task of clearing my bed off so I could change my sheets. I still don’t get how shit accumulates on my bed. I need to stop it and keep my bed clear. I feel better when it’s not cluttered. My room is cluttered enough as it is. I really need to either get another bookcase or put shelves on my walls. I would love to put shelves in but not sure I could do it myself. I might have to have my brother in law help. He is good with that stuff. I would have to make sure the weight is good so it doesn’t fall or break the wall. My mother would kill me.

My pens were finally delivered today. It made me happy for a little while. I love the colored pens. I hope they don’t skip like the other ones did. That bothers me when the ink skips. It is so annoying. I had a pen that I thought needed to be refilled so I bought refills for it. When I went to change it, there was half a barrel of ink. I must have just put it down just to know where it was. It’s one of the earlier pens that I like and I love the color of the barrel so want to keep it. Most of the pens I bought are refillable. I like that with these pens.

any thoughts?

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