Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

Last night I left my mother her card for Mother’s Day and she opened it. She came into my room when she came upstairs and said thank you. This morning I wished her Happy Mother’s Day and spent some time in the kitchen as I made my coffee. I should have gone upstairs after I made it but I didn’t. Big mistake. My mother started complaining about how I should go through my clothes and hang them up in my shitty closet. Then she was saying how she needs to clean this and that but she can’t do it because she doesn’t have the energy.

When I was finished with my coffee, I noticed two pans in the sink. I asked her if she had two different types of eggs and that is when she called me a lazy bastard because I didn’t clean the one of the pans from yesterday. I felt so hurt. I just wanted to die and wished I never been born.

My sister told us to come to her place around 1500 for dinner. I really didn’t want to go. I just wanted to stay in bed and watch a movie. I finally loaded my new software and wanted to see how the picture quality is. I couldn’t believe that once I loaded it, it said it needed to be upgraded. I clicked on the link, thinking it was some kind of update software, nope it was a different version for $50! Fuck that. Dell was selling the 16 version for $80. Rip off! I will stick with using this laptop for movies.

Dinner was good. My sister made a surf and turf. I had some shrimp but didn’t eat the lobster as I don’t like it. The steak was ok. I loved the mashed potatoes and the corn, even though my niece complained about the potatoes the whole time. It was really annoying. I love my niece but she can be extremely opinionated about things and there is no point in arguing with her because you are wrong. My foot/ankle started acting up so I left. I needed pain meds and my bed to relax.

I wanted to make pancakes this morning and had tweeted the person that gave me the recipe but I made the mistake of going back to sleep. That sapped my energy and I really didn’t want to do anything. I got hungry before dinner was ready and had some Doritos. If I was a lazy bastard, I would be a fat lazy bastard. My mother is always saying shit like this to me. She calls me lazy all the time. But yet, when she needs something at Walgreens or the store, it’s okay to ask me to get it for her. Pisses me off. And also depresses me because I don’t feel valued by her at all. I think she would just be better off without me.

I keep thinking of ending my life and today is no different. I also think about how it would effect my nieces and nephew. They are the ones that really keep me here, when the blinders are not on so heavily. I just feel like a piece of shit that needs to be disposed of. I will one of these days.


  1. omg what a bitch! you are so not what she called you. fuck her. she doesn’t deserve to have a happy mothers day because she did that to you. here you were trying to be nice show your appreciation and this is what you get in return, not. ok. xx


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