a night of no sleep but baked during the day

A night of no sleep but baked during the day
I didn’t go to sleep till around 6 or 7 am. Pain was keeping me up. Different parts of my foot kept acting up. It was making me very restless. Around 0500, I was contemplating calling my psych because I didn’t know what else to do. I had taken all the meds I could take, with no relief. I finally took another Ativan and that seemed to settle me down along with exhaustion.

I slept until my med alarm went off around 1130. An hour later, my mother called wanting me to help her with something. She was making chicken soup and needed help with preparation of the vegetables and stuff. I had to help load the pan on the stove as her legs were bothering her so much she couldn’t lift it. I kept having to go downstairs to get somethings from my sister’s apartment that we didn’t have.

I then decided to shred the zucchini for the bread. I would start making it when my mother was done with the soup to let it cook. I made coffee while she was putting stuff in the soup and helped her with making the meatballs. I haven’t rolled meatballs since I was a kid. It was fun.

After that was done, I started preparing my baking. I got out the stuff I needed and went to work. I tried not to make a mess but I did. It was really muggy in the kitchen so when my mother left to watch TV in the other room, I opened the back door to let the cool air in. I baked the bread at the modified temp and cooked it longer than what the recipe called for. It was the second time making this so I knew what to expect.

My ankle was hurting and I needed to take my pain meds so I went up to my room. I still had a half hour before the bread was done. I need to take a shower as I got flour all over my shirt. I’ll do that before I go to bed tonight. Maybe it will help me sleep better. The bread was done and I let it cool. As it did so, I started washing the things in the sink. My back did not like that at all. The cool rainy weather is wreaking havoc on my spine. It’s supposed to be like this for another day. I am hurting big time and it’s not even 1900 yet. I just hope I don’t have a long night ahead of me. It will suck big time.

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