hot day in Oct

Hot day for Oct

I had a rough time trying to go to sleep as any movement of my ankle/foot caused pain. I eventually did fall asleep and then woke up after 8. I took my pain and BP meds. My bowels were awful. I kept having to go so I took some Imodium after the second trip. Then I fell back to sleep until my loud mouth aunts came to see my mother. Apparently, my cousins were throwing one of my cousins who was pregnant a brunch. No one told me this. I got up after the loud mouths left and had some sliders.

My sister made my mother a plate so she had that for lunch. I’m still full so haven’t made supper. It was nice out so my brother in law decided to work on our heat system. My room is like 90 degrees with the AC cranking on full blast. It’s so hot in my room. I think he is trying to get all the air out of the system or something. I don’t know. He was telling my mother towards the end of last winter that a plumber needed to fix the system so why he is doing this, I have no fricken clue. I hate the heat. I am not in a good mood right now.

The Red Sox have named a former player as their manager. They fired their manager, John Farrell, after they didn’t advance in the playoffs. I hope the 2018 season is better but only time will tell. I really liked John and will miss him.

I emailed my psych really late last night to tell her I had a date. I didn’t tell her what it was, I never do as it can change like the weather. I have therapy tomorrow. I had told him that the 30th would be our last session. I didn’t tell him why and he didn’t ask. I’m sure we will talk about it tomorrow.

I wanted to take down my recycle today but keep forgetting about it. Think I’ll just put it in a trash bag and when that is full it will be easier to bring down. I can just throw it down the stairs without having to carry it.

Because it’s been so hot in my room, I’ve been chugging water. Hope this doesn’t lead to being up all night going to the bathroom. I have been having a low pain day so far but I really haven’t done much. I mostly been sleeping other than going down to the bridal shower for some snacks. I was glad they didn’t have anymore donuts. Those are my nemesis right now. I had bought a pumpkin donut from the local donut shop. I left it in the paper bag for about 2 days and the grease was awful. It soaked up the bag and I was like eewww. Not buying them again.

any thoughts?

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