Sunday Blog 19 Nov 2017

Sunday Blog 19 November 2017

I just made a cup of tea. I pretty much slept all day as I didn’t get to bed until around 3 am. Pain was keeping me up. I couldn’t believe I went about 12 hours without pain meds and didn’t wake up to withdrawals. I took them when I did wake up as well as the weight loss supplement. I am not noticing any side effects from it.

A fellow blogger friend shared a Chicken Caesar Salad wrap so I will be buying the lettuce and chicken to make it. I love chicken Caesar salad. I just added them to my grocery list, that seems to be growing. Every time I get a craving for something, I add it. I usually take it off after a few days or when I am ready to check out as I like to stay within a certain amount for the month. Doesn’t always work but I try.

I made plans to see my friends in south of Boston after Christmas. I will be making a marinara sauce. I will just buy the meatballs either before I leave Boston or when I get to their house. They have a grocery store around the corner from them. I am so excited to cook for them. I am bringing what I need and they will supply the cooking stuff like pots and what not. It will take a few hours to cook so we will watch movies and stuff. It should be an awesome day.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I have my psychiatrist appt in the morning and then my therapist in the evening. It is going to be a busy week as it’s Turkey day this Thursday. I need to make 2 cakes Tuesday, one with regular flour and one gluten free. I plan on making the gluten free one first so I don’t have to wash out the bowl. I hope my sister’s mother in law likes this cake. I will be baking it in a throw away container so she can take it home.

Wed I go to the RMV to change my name and gender. I can’t believe they charge you to change your gender. Like seriously? It really costs $25 to go from F to M?? Just 2 key strokes on the computer? I don’t know if they allow debit cards or not (some places only allow checks) so I am bringing a check with me just in case. My psych will be signing the form tomorrow when I see her. I also have to renew my license as it expires next month.

As money is tight right now with all this name changing business, I can’t save any money for a new laptop. I just have my old laptop to use as my newer one needs to be fixed. I might buy the connection wire and bring the laptop with me when I go see my friends as my friend’s hubby is good with computers. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then I will definitely need a new laptop which will be around $600 with what I want on it. I probably won’t be able to buy a new one until after the new year. The good news is that my mother had a ceiling fan that is new and never used. She wanted to use it for my office but the ceiling is too low. My room is low and just barely clears my outstretched arms. It makes it easy for me to clean as I don’t need a stool. I just stand on my tippy toes, lol. I wish it had a remote for the light and fan like my sister has but those cost over $100. I’ll take free as now I don’t have to stress so much about money this month.

any thoughts?

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