Sunday Blog 11-Feb-18

Sunday blog 11 Feb 18

I had my aunt’s wake today. It went okay. I saw a lot of my cousins that I have seen in quite some time. I am exhausted. I mostly stood the whole time I was there. Not good for my foot. I had to take a pain pill while I was there. Then there was a priest that said a little service. He seemed to go on forever. Then my cousin said a prayer. It was from St. Thomas of Assisi I think. Afterwards, my sisters, brother in law, and I went out to eat. We went to a Mexican restaurant. I had a burrito, that I wasn’t sure how to eat as it had cheese sauce on it. My sister said to eat it with a knife and fork. So I did. It was good. While trying to get in the car on the way home, my foot got stuck in the door. Took me a few tried to get it in the car. It was really hurting then.

I am resting now. I just realized I didn’t make my pill box for the week. Dammit! I’ll fix it when I am done with this blog. I was out most of the afternoon. I didn’t sleep well as I woke up around 3 with my back hurting. It was raining so my arthritic spine went off. Always does. I don’t care what the “scientists” say, when it rains, it hurts.

Word has a template for blogs. I was going to use it but it says that it gives out my information so decided against it. Someone has already tried hacking my blog and I had to change the password. I am glad WordPress has a two step security thing or I never would have known.

I got a migraine. Started out as a headache while I was at the restaurant but now lights and sounds are bothering me. This is the second migraine I’ve has in two days. Don’t know why. So much for wanting to read later. I am just going to go to bed early. Tomorrow I see the pain psychologist. I am really nervous about seeing him. I wonder how long it will be to see a pain doc and if they will prescribe me what I need to help relieve my pain without going through the rigmarole of injections first.

I am so aggravated with my mother. She honestly does NOT fucking get chronic pain, at all! I told her how my foot got stuck in the door of my sister’s car. She asked if I could feel it, and I said no. I had to explain to her that I lost the sense of where my foot is and how I have to consciously be aware of where my foot is or I run the risk of falling or tripping on it. Then she says, “I am walking pretty good”. WTF Like how am I supposed to walk?? Am I supposed to drag my foot? I don’t understand. Makes me so fucking angry.

any thoughts?

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