just a blog about nothing

Just a blog about nothing

I woke up around 0330 because my bladder said so. It was hard to go back to sleep when I came back to my room so I stayed up for an hour or two. My med alarm went off around 8 and I took my BP med then went back to sleep. I had a crazy fucked up dream when I woke up. My mother had fixed my clothes that were in the hallway and just laid out my t-shirts. The rest of the clothes had disappeared and I had no idea where they were. I kept meaning to ask her but I didn’t want to start a fight. Weird.

I got up and there was no snow. The storm was a crock. It was raining at 330 am when I was up and was still raining a little when I got up around 11. I brushed my teeth and then made breakfast. I made four burritos, freezing three and eating the one. It was good. I am out of burrito wraps. I will get more next week. I then made coffee, but I made it too sweet so I couldn’t drink it. I think I will make a cup of tea. I am fricken exhausted. I felt like going back to sleep but decided I would go to Walgreens to fill my script.

I am glad it wasn’t icy out. It was really warm in the store and I should have just wore my sweatshirt. My insurance would only fill one script. The other was too early so I need to come back tomorrow to get it. I am out anyways so no big deal. My mother wanted a few things so I picked that up. I bought some Reese’s dark peanut butter cups as I wanted something sweet. I have such a headache. I came home and while I was taking off my socks, damn elastic flared my foot. It felt like I was trying to remove the bones in my foot. I hurt so much. My pain wasn’t too bad up till then.

I’m getting hungry and think I will make a tuna sandwich. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while but it has always been at weird times (like 9 pm or after). I will be getting sliced carrots for a muffin recipe next week. I can use the left over for tuna sandwiches. I love having something crunchy in the sandwich. Tastes better.

I would be listening to the game but my head hurts too much. I woke up with my head between the two pillows and my neck at a weird angle. Hate when that happens. I can’t have my head flat on the mattress as it always gives me a headache. I took some advil to try and ease it.

My niece is home from school today because they cancelled school. I will be making her mac and cheese for supper. I’ll have some with my tuna sandwich. Sounds like a plan to me!

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