painsomnia strikes yet again

Painsomnia strikes yet again

I was up till 5 am again. I slept for about 3.5 hours, had something to eat, and then went back to sleep. I was knocked out as I didn’t hear my doorbell ring when my mother was looking for me. I had turned my phone off so I wouldn’t be disturbed. There were a few messages on my phone. My mother had left me a cryptic voicemail, with my uncle in the background.

I woke up with my shoulder hurting me. I was using it as a pillow and this time I think I did something because it is still hurting. I think I might have pinched a nerve. Just great. Hope it goes away.

Because I slept all day I didn’t make the muffins I want to make. Here is the recipe

I also want to make my burritos. The freezer bags I bought came in today. I hope I sleep “normal” hours so I can wake up midmorning and make these things. I think I am going to make the burritos first as I want bacon in them. I also plan on putting three cheeses in them. They are really easy to make though I am not an expert burrito roller, yet. I tend to overfill the first one and then the last few have enough so they roll okay. I still can’t believe I spent $17 on these bags. There are a set of three 35 count bags. I think each would cost $5.66 each, which I guess is okay. I am not sure what they would be in the supermarket. I tried looking at Peapod and they had the 15 count on sale for $2.89 or something like that so maybe I did get a deal.

Sox are playing an hour early. I’m listening to the game now. Sox have a 1-0 lead right now. My favorite centerfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr. just made a great catch. I love him. He is such a good outfielder!

My foot is starting to hurt a bit. I apparently bought a compression thing that I can use for my foot and ankle. I hope that it fits and works. There was just a regular and large size so I chose regular as a medium usually fits me. I don’t know if with the swelling that is still the case. The ace brace that I have has an opening at the heel that ends up digging into me and causes me so much pain that I have to take it off.

My mother made pork chops for dinner. I didn’t like them but ate them anyway. I really want a couple of boil eggs and toast. I might have them after the game. Maybe that will stop my after midnight eating. I seem to have to want something after 2 am to get to sleep. Usually because it has been more than 8 hours since I last ate.

any thoughts?

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