One Drink Ago

One Drink Ago

This song is by Terri Clark and Dallas Smith. Terri is my favorite female country artist. She is fricken gorgeous and I have loved her since the early 90s. This song hasn’t made it to Boston radio yet. I don’t know if it will. I hate that some songs are released but don’t make their way up here.

I had a hard time sleeping due to pain and then being over tired. I think I tried to sleep some time after 1. It wasn’t a fitful sleep as my med alarm kept going off for my morning meds. Then I was able to sleep most of the day. I woke up around 12ish, made an egg and coffee. The coffee made me sleepy so I went back to sleep for a few hours. I have been taking fiber pills since last night, hoping to go but nothing is working. I took some more Miralax and fiber when I had something to eat for dinner. I had some more of my zucchini pie. I was going to have a burger but the pie is going to go bad if it is not eaten. I think I might have to throw it away tomorrow. I have been the only one eating it. My mother said it gave her diarrhea and my sister didn’t like the taste. Whatever.

Sox were part of the reason I was up. They took the lead and then lost it in the 8th inning. The bullpen came apart. Game is earlier tonight, 2000. Tomorrow it will be at 1600. Tomorrow is also father’s day. I have been thinking about my father most of the month. Still can’t believe he is gone some days. Today I was wondering what he was doing and almost said it out loud to my mother. Then I said to her, you know what I just thought, and told her. I asked her if she thinks of her mother the same way. She said she doesn’t but she does miss her. My grandmother died in 2006. It was a blessing as she was in chronic pain due to cancer and dementia. She wasn’t the same person anymore. I think it was the only time I cried because my mother had been crying when she passed. I didn’t see her. I didn’t want to. She died at home.

I love Carrie Underwood. Her voice is amazing. I added Something in the Water to my playlist. Her vocals are just mind blowing. So powerful. Her latest song Cry Pretty is another favorite of mine. It made me cry the first few times I heard it because it was talking to me. The lyrics was speaking to me. It is a very powerful song. I think I posted it a few weeks ago. If not, I will post it again. Can’t have too much Carrie.

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