paying the price

Paying the price

My med alarm went off and I didn’t want to get up. I needed to use the bathroom but I was having cramps really bad and knew it would hurt to void. I fell back to sleep and an hour later I couldn’t delay going anymore. I hurt big time but I know I didn’t empty because of the pain. I brushed my teeth and went back upstairs. I thought of going back to sleep but I couldn’t so I went back downstairs to have coffee and a burrito.

I had to do some stuff around my room. I cleared a box of books, sorting them into to read/read/reference piles and put them in the bin that is out in my hallway. This meant multiple trips back and forth. Once the stuff had been packed away, I put the boxes that were on top of the book box in the bin. I then made a note of what was in it so that I remembered should I be wanting a particular book. I also saved some journals that were in there. I really want to have a box just of my old journals so that I can find them easily should I need them for something. Right now they are haphazardly around my room but still in piles of some sort. They certainly aren’t chronologically arranged. I guess I will do that eventually but I mostly just want them together so I know where they are.

Pats are playing right now and leading 23-0 over the Bills, in the 1st quarter. Sox play their last game of the season today at 3pm. Eduardo Rodriguez has a chance of winning his 20th game of the season, if the Sox don’t blow it for him. He has really come along as a great pitcher that I knew he would be. Hard to believe there was a time we didn’t think he could pitch beyond the 3rd inning but he as gone as far as 7 and a 1/3 innings and 10+ strikeouts, which is pretty awesome. I am brokenhearted the season is over. The post-season is okay but I really don’t pay attention to it because no one I want to see win is playing. There have been four teams to win 100 games this season, which is a record.

I am still having bladder cramps. I need to send a message to my uro to see what can be done about it. I might have to wait another few days before they calm down. I am trying my best to wait it out but fuck, I hurt. Think I need to get my heating pad. That usually helps temporarily. Foot is already flaring up so I am doing good in the pain department.

any thoughts?

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