Saturday Blog 13022021

Saturday Blog 13022021

I am so sore today. My back and shoulders hurt a lot. I was bringing home groceries that were heavy for me. By the time I got near my house the bags broke. A guy in a truck gave me a trash bag so that I could carry the stuff. My nephew came and took me home. I made my burger. It was so good. I plan on having another one today.

I talked with the PT who is really concerned about the tingling in my shoulder. She wants me to contact her today, which I did already. I told her I was sore from the groceries still. My back is really sore. I need to put heat on it. I also need to put heat on my shoulders. I am not to do repetitive motions, so no household chores or dish washing. I am going to have to wash out the pan today so oh well. I still have tingling but it is much less than it was yesterday. I am to put ice on it. I haven’t done that today because I woke up late and I have been moving slow due to soreness. My right arm is killing me because I slept on it and hyperextended the elbow.

I am so tired today. I slept pretty good but I just could not get up this morning when my med alarm went off. My sisters were making noise downstairs and I just laid there in bed, hoping for the noise to end so I could sleep. My back was so sore and it was so hard to move. I took some Tylenol when I got up. I really need a shower but I am hurting too much for that. I know I won’t be able to stand for more than a few minutes. My feet have been cramping today for some reason. I just took some Zanaflex for it and my neck. I know it is going to make me more tired taking this medication but I need relief.

Yesterday I bought cranberry honey mustard. It doesn’t go with burgers. It was too sweet. I liked it though. It would go good with a turkey sandwich. I am mad that my cheddar cheese that I bought got lost on the way home. $4 wasted. I have no idea where I lost it. Taught me a lesson though, always bring your own bags to the grocery store. I knew I should have done it but I didn’t think I was going to get that much stuff. I got impulsive when I saw the juice. I love juices. I should have just bought a 20 oz soda rather than a 2L. I know that for next time. I really wanted a cherry coke but bought Dr. Pepper instead.

I am feeling low again. I just want to crawl under a rock. I’ve been finding comfort in holding my new stuffed giraffe that I named Jim. He is so cute and soft. I also been sleeping with him. I just hug him for support. It has helped a great deal. I really love him. It was so kind of my friend to send him to me.

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