derm and other things

Derm and other things

I got up with a very full bladder at like 10. I didn’t want to get up but I had to as I was hurting so bad. I took my meds before going to the bathroom. I didn’t cath but I peed a lot for a long time. The flow was really slow. I made coffee afterwards and had something to eat. I then went back to my room to charge my phone. While the phone was charging, I shaved my head and brushed my teeth.

The bus was coming soon so I got dressed quickly once my phone was fully charged. I went to the orange line and when I got off at my stop, I got kind of lost as they changed the layout of the station. Took me a while to figure out how to get to the street where the shuttle was. I was hoping I was at the right spot as there could be many places for the shuttle to stop at the street. Luckily, I chose the right spot when the shuttle came. I was early for my appointment but was seen soon enough. The doctor was really fast but answered my questions of concern. He said that I have a mole on the bottom of my right foot. He looked at it for some time. The mole that I had concerns about was not a concern to him because it was growing hair. Good to know. The visit was over in like fifteen minutes after the medical assistant took a pic of the mole then I left.

I waited at the shuttle stop but I was really thirsty so I walked to the CVS that was nearby. Starbucks was across the street so after I bought a water, I got a mocha. I drank it on the way to the station. I figured I would walk. I did really good without any back spasms and such. It was my longest walk that I took since my back surgery from last year. I was really proud of myself for walking that distance. I caught the red line home and the bus was waiting when I got there so score. I came home and there was a package for me. It is my frame for my Eddie pic that I had printed. I love him so much. He didn’t do good on his last outing, which is sad because he was good at his previous start. He is still my favorite pitcher.

I called to schedule my MRI and I made the appointment for Monday. I also called for my eye exam and that will be next month. I am kind of nervous about the MRI as I have been having pain. My neuro was able to order it based on my symptoms of pain in the L2-L3 area. I just hope the disc that has herniated isn’t more herniated. I really don’t want to see my neurosurgeon so soon after he discharged me in Dec. I sent a message to my neuro to tell her the scan is scheduled for Mon.

I am really tired. I think I am going to make scrambled eggs with cheese for supper. I don’t really want anything else. Sox are in Chicago playing the White Sox tonight. Game is at 8. Hope I can stay up and listen to the game for a few innings. I am not sure how Chicago is doing this year. Sale got put on the Covid IL today as he tested positive for the virus. He is out for the next two weeks or until he is negative. I don’t know if he is having symptoms or not or if he is vaccinated. I don’t know why they are keeping this a secret when it is a public health issue. Just ridiculous.

any thoughts?

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