Disappointing end to an up and down season

Disappointing end to an up and down season

My Sox lost tonight. They came close to catching up to the Indians but they just couldn’t pull it off. I am deeply saddened by this. I was having mini heart attacks throughout the game. I didn’t know if watching it would make it better or worse as I was listening to it on the radio. So I just stayed in my room and listened impatiently. A few times I wish I had Xanax to calm me down.

The Fenway Faithful stayed after the game to send off Big Papi. They actually refused to leave without his sendoff. I almost cried. Papi has never been my favorite player despite all that he has done for the team. I just thought of him as a show off with a big mouth. He has been quiet all season though, despite his retirement. Even though he has done well hitting and scoring runs, he still wants to be retired. I will miss his smile and leadership on the team. Surprisingly, we are the same age.

I don’t know what to do now that the Sox season is over. I usually watch whatever team I fancy and usually switch until the World Series and then I pick a team to win. I have my college football games and of course, my Pats but football is played just once a week and it’s hard filling in the gap during the play time. Baseball was at least every three or four games in a row. I love baseball. I know it’s about numbers and stats and it seems every year they tack on something new to add to stats. I don’t really pay attention to it, nor do I record it in my brain. I just remember the good plays and the not so good ones.

So now I get to retire my ball caps and change it for football ones. And when the football season ends I will have a month and a half before my Sox are back on the field. I don’t know who will take over as DH. No one can replace Ortiz, that is a certainty. But there is a position to be filled and I wonder who will fill it.

Two Things I Hate about Twitter

Two things I hate most about Twitter

I was following this guy on Twitter for a little while. He seemed interested in the suicide prevention arena. But then his tweets became abusive and very sarcastic to the point of being troll like, so I unfollowed him. Then this other troll, who is supposedly a psychologist, follows this guy. Now they are arguing what constitutes a suicide attempt, just for argumentative sake! The PhD troll was really against my article for the NYT, but I disliked him before I wrote the article. He just seems fishy to me. There is nothing worse that I can’t stand on Twitter is a troll attacking another troll.

I had a really good sleep today. For some reason, I didn’t get up till 1515. I felt like I could stay in bed all day but I really wanted to watch the last game of the season and basically cry as we said good-bye to Don Orsillo, the broadcaster for the TV. He got fired sometime after some new management for the Sox was hired. Don is now going to the Padres which means we won’t be seeing him at all as he is for the National League. I haven’t checked the sox game schedule to see if we are playing them in 2016 but it is unlikely. I am also saddened to hear that the person taking over Don’s position is the guy I like on the radio. I still haven’t found out who is taking over his position on WEEI, the radio that broadcasts the Sox games. I also don’t know the fate of Jerry Remy and what his role will be in 2016. I am sure I will find out as I follow Jerry on Twitter and he has always let his fans know the truth about what is going on with him. I admire Jerry for it.

As I was watching the game, I made coffee hoping to keep the drowsiness away for a couple of hours. It worked but now it’s wearing off. I also had a glass of wine with dinner so I am sure the combination knocked itself out. I haven’t taken my night meds yet because I took my morning meds kind of late. I have to space them out at least eight hours apart (I take the same meds in the evening).

Sometime last night, I had a problem with my laptop screen. It went all fuzzy and then went to “sleep” mode. It was still “on” but it was blank. I restarted the laptop and that seemed to fix it. The problem seems to be either on the wake up or on the boot up. The last time I had an update, I had this problem on the startup. The screen went fuzzy and wouldn’t go beyond the Dell boot up screen. It took several turn offs and ons to get it right. Just as a precaution, I copied my files on a thumb drive. But I just realized I didn’t take what is on the desktop or my pictures. I will have to make a back up of those, soon. I am too tired to do that tonight. I’m hoping it was just a glitch and won’t return. I had that problem with my other laptop but that was because it fell. This laptop to my knowledge hasn’t taken a hit and is mostly on my bed. I very rarely travel with it.

To my surprise, my mother turned the heat on today. It’s cold but I don’t think it’s that cold. Whatever. I am back to wearing t-shirts rather than long sleeves. Last night, I wanted to take a shower after the OSU game but we had no hot water. The pilot went out and I am grateful that is all it was. I will take shower tomorrow morning as I am too lazy to take one now. Ankle is still hurting me from nearly falling last night. While I was changing into my sweatpants, I lost balance in my foot and nearly fell over. I had to put all my weight on my ankle/foot to keep from falling. So it’s nice and sore today. Another reason I am glad I slept most of the day. But now it’s hurting me so I will need to take some pain meds soon. I like taking them with my night meds as then I know when I took them and when I need to take them again. I keep track of when I take my meds through an app. It’s useful for me. I wish it provided a list of times when I did take my meds but that is not a “free” function and I am not going to pay monthly for it. I just can’t justify it. I don’t need to know that bad.

2015 Last Sox Broadcast of Don Orsillo

2015 Last Broadcast of Don Orsillo

I almost missed the last game of the season. My mother called me around 1515 and I woke up. I had a bad night sleeping but was grateful for the wake up call. Today is Don Orsillo’s last broadcast as a member of Red Sox Nation. It was a tearful game as NESN showed Don’s highlights throughout the game. I am always a sucker for watching baseball history. They get the tears going like nothing else.

Like games of the past, the Sox didn’t show much enthusiasm for winning when it’s a “special” game. They lost 3-1. The offense just wasn’t there. But then Porcello was pitching so I wasn’t expecting much. He is not a good pitcher. I was surprised to learn today he closed out with a 9-11 record. How he won 9 games is beyond me. I must not have watched those games.

NESN had problems with audio and video, supposedly, the beginning of the game so I think we might have missed some of Don’s highlights because of it. They are real jerks for firing a man that brought the fun to baseball. Maybe they want someone more serious and lacks humor. They will be bringing in another announcer as his replacement. But no one can replace Don. NO ONE. There were times when they would crack a joke and still be laughing throughout the game. The play by play wasn’t called during these laughing fits. It was great to have a belly laugh. Those will surely be missed.

Don was a good guy. I liked him very much. He was a little pathetic at times as there was one broadcast where he didn’t know where his high beam clicker was on his car and Jerry had to show him where it was. I found this hysterical but sad.

The 2016 season is going to suck, as far as the broadcasting goes. I will be boycotting NESN the entire season so will just be listening to the games on the radio or Twitter. I think I might unlike NESN on my Facebook feed so I don’t get anything from them. It’s pretty stupid anyway as they ask questions when they post something. Like our input to answer these questions is really going to impact a game. We don’t have that kind of power, idiots. If we did, we could have saved Orsillo’s job. We tried to petition and stuff but it wasn’t going to go anywhere. As my “husband’s” wife put it, the upper management just doesn’t get reached in decisions like this. It just really sucks.

Don will be going out to San Diego, doing the Padres broadcasts. Padres are a National League team so I don’t think we will see much of Don during the season. It’s rare to play the Padres. I haven’t looked at the schedule for the next season, but I know from past experience we don’t play them. I wish him luck in his new endeavor. He will be greatly missed in Boston.


Sox just lost, again. I know I should be sleeping but wanted to know the final score before turning in. They just suck so bad. They keep talking about selling but I’m not sure I know what that means. I just know if they want to salvage the season some serious changes need to happen, like getting a new hitting coach. The already got a new pitching coach so why not a hitting coach. That will solve the other problem they have, hitting! And maybe if they string enough hits, it might lead to runs, which might lead to wins.

I was going over my blogs tonight and found I had another delusional spell back in 2012. Thing is, I don’t remember it at all. I wrote about it but even then it’s cryptic.

I saw my father today and he held me hostage until he took his pills and drank some coffee. I guess he just wanted someone to talk to for a bit. I had the time. I usually am rushed as I just want to do his pills and then get the hell out of there. I usually have an appt with my therapist but not this week. She is still on vacation. She will be back next week though.

I am at the big train station as I will be going south of Boston to have dinner with friends. I just finished lunch and am trying to muster up the energy to write. Its wicked hot here so I am kind of uncomfortable. If it was 10 degrees cooler I might be able to have energy to write.

I brought the printout of what I wrote about the delusions. I’m hoping to work on it but don’t know if I will. I have been up since early this morning and I’m kind of dragging. Maybe a coffee will perk me up.