Diagnosis, pain, and other things on 23 Aug 18

Diagnosis, pain, and other things on 23 Aug 18

I saw my neuro today. I have been seeing her for over 10 years. She called me by my birth name and I had to correct her. She said she didn’t notice it before I said something. I said you’ve known me for a long time and it was after I last saw you, so I am not surprised. She thinks the balance issues I have been having is because of CRPS and my ankle instability at the moment as I have a sprained ankle. She said she would email my PT to tell her “more exercises” in my right leg as I need to strengthen it to support me. We also talked about the thigh pain and she thinks it maybe a tightening up muscle. Also need PT for that as I can’t bend my leg behind me and pull my ankle toward my body. I haven’t been able to do that since my CES and now will be impossible as I can’t touch my ankle. I had horrible sensation pains last night that I had to keep my foot uncovered. I don’t think I fell asleep until after 0100.

Walking to the hospital was okay but set off my allergies as the pollen count is high. I also had to walk around while in the hospital because the café I usually go to was closed. I had to go to the main one which I had never been to before. I then kind of got lost going back to where my neuro was as I couldn’t find signs for the building. I was so annoyed. I get to the office and as I am taking my seat in the waiting room, my foot does the inward turn because it was fatigued as I wasn’t wearing my brace. I still had to go home so this was not fucking good. I talked about that with the doc as well and she just wanted PT. I have no new neuro stuff going on, which is good as I was thinking the worse and almost had a breakdown in the waiting room because of the turn. Walking back to the train station, I was wheezing bad and didn’t have my inhaler. I calmed down a bit but soon as I got home, I took my mother’s inhaler because I my ankle (CRPS) acted up big time. I foolishly side kicked the front door to shut it and my foot didn’t like the extension.

I bought pizza for dinner on the way home. My mother complained about it like she always does. Too thick. Too salty. Blah blah blah. After I ate, I went upstairs. I thought it was hot in my room so I had turned on the AC so it was fricken freezing in my room. I turned that off and the ceiling fan. I stood in the dark for a few minutes because I forgot the light was on. Shut off the power and both goes out. I so wish they were separate and I had a remote for them. Anyways, I am on my phone and I get an email saying I have a message on the patient web thingy that my doctors use. I check it and it was a message saying that I had a new visit note from my doctor. I scroll through it and nothing interesting pops up until I get to the diagnosis section. My neuro added that I have CRPS type 1 in left lower leg. HOLY SHIT I LOVE HER!! Finally, it is in my damn record I have CRPS!! No more denying that I just have chronic pain or chronic ankle pain. Maybe now the other idiots I see will READ and know this. I am so sick of them looking at my ankle and them saying I just have pain. It is more than that. So much more. I couldn’t have my sheet on my foot last night. It felt like it was burning me. That is how CRPS is.

I am in a lot of pain now and probably will be until I sleep. Sox had a day game so I won’t be up late, I hope. I had some orange spice tea as I am writing this. I am trying to wind down so I can sleep. Sox won their 90th game of the season. No one else in the MLB even has 80 wins! And to have it before September is so fricken awesome. There are roughly 30 games left in the season. If we can win 20 or more of those, I will be so happy as the Sox have not won more than 100 games in my lifetime.

another disappointing season

Another disappointing season

Sox just lost their final game of the season. I am disappointed and frustrated. I am also depressed that I won’t be hearing about the Sox until February when pitchers and catchers report. Just another year of frustration.

I woke up around 4 in pain. In addition to physical pain, I had nerve pain. I took a dose of Neurontin with my pain meds and then tried to go back to sleep. I did and didn’t wake up till after 1300. I wasn’t in too much pain but I took my pain meds anyway as it was getting close to the 12 hour mark and I didn’t want to go through withdrawal.

Now that the ball game is over, I plan on taking a shower. I will be going to the courthouse in the morning and I don’t want to take it as I might not wake up in time. I have my alarms set for the week. I like that I can choose a day to set an alarm rather than picking a day of the week. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep as I am pretty nervous. If I wake up before 6, I am just going to stay up as I know if I go back to sleep, it’s going to be hard to wake up when my alarm goes off.

I made coffee and something to eat today. My pain is not too bad right now, but that could change after I shower. I have been trying to take it easy today to not cause a flare. I’d really hate to miss the courthouse and have to wait another time to change my name. I have waited so long for this to happen. I don’t know how quick it will be.

I’m kind of stressing over this week because I have appts every day. I think I am going to cancel the PT appt for Wed and then just go Friday. I need to make the appt for Thursday with the neuro. I have waited much too long for that and I don’t want a flare to keep me up all night.

Red Sox win game 3

Red Sox win game 3!!

I listened to the Sox game today. It was win or go home. Things were bad in the first inning. They were down by 3 runs. Then they scored 1 run to make it 3-1. I got tired of listening to one of the announcers on the radio. He annoys me as much as his Twitter rants. My sister said that she made American Chop Suey so I went downstairs to have some. My mother was making BBQ spareribs so I didn’t want to eat that much. But I did. Then I had some of the ribs. The game was 4-3, with the Sox leading by 1 run. I’m not sure what happened next as I was cleaning up the kitchen and then went to my room to hear the rest of the game. Score went to 7-3 and then a Houston outfielder dropped the ball into the stands, making it a 3 run homerun, bringing the score to 10-3! I was so happy. We play tomorrow but the time depends on the stupid Skanks. They are facing elimination today, too. I hope they lose so we get the evening spot, course, I always hope they lose.

Other than stuffing my stomach, I didn’t do much today. I slept for about 6 hours. I finally had to go pee. Last night I had urine retention really bad. I felt like I had to go but nothing was coming out. I was talking to a friend of mine till around 5 am. I was in pain and it showed no signs of going away or backing down. I had moved my ankle a few times and that shot up my pain higher than it was. I was maxed on meds and I think between the new anti-psychotic and my pain meds, it just shut my bladder off. I emailed my psych about it but got no response.

I was having a somewhat okay day until I went downstairs and took 2 steps away from the stair case. My ankle flared up again and it’s been hurting me ever since. I haven’t taken my strong pain pill, yet. I might take it before bed.

My sister had posted on Facebook that she made some chili. I texted her and said she better give me some. Then she said she was making me a painting. I shook my head. While I was down my other sister’s house having the chop suey, she sent this sister a pic of the painting. She didn’t know it was for me so she showed it to me. I laughed because the text said not to show me. OOPS. It was a nice pic of a giraffe eating some leaves. My sister is a good artist, always has been. I can’t draw for shit. She brought over the painting when she brought me some chili. I’ll have it tomorrow for lunch.

Last night I was putting together the paperwork for my name change. I am going to go ahead with it on Tuesday. I set up a time for 9. I just hope I can get up early. Waking up before 8 hasn’t been good for me lately. I hope I sleep tonight.



My Sox won the game today and won the American League East title for the 2nd year in a row!! I am so happy for them. It’s been a tough season and there is some work to do. Unfortunately, they will be facing the same team they are facing this weekend for the first rounds of playoff games. Those games start Thursday. There is still one more game left in the regular season. I’ll listen to it because I love my boys.

I woke up around 5 in pain again for the 4th day in a row. I went back to sleep. When I woke up around 1400, I took a shower and then went to Walgreens to pick up my meds. It was really cold, around 55 degrees. The rain had stopped but began again when I came back home. I’m glad I timed it right.

I was hungry but didn’t know what to make. I decided on making White Castle cheeseburgers. My mother was napping and I was watching the game in the kitchen. I asked her what she wanted and after she thought about it, she said some scrambled eggs. Her knee was acting up again, probably because of the weather. I made her the eggs and some toast. By the time I was done, the game was won. But stupid Fox didn’t show the celebration. They went to some football game. I went up to my room to see Twitter highlights. I had the ceiling fan on. I shut it off as I was cold and put on a long sleeved Tee shirt.

I wanted something warm so went back downstairs to make a cup of tea. My mother wanted a cup of coffee so I made her one as well. My ankle is hurting now. I put in a request for my pain meds to my PCP’s office as I will run out by Tuesday. I don’t know when I will be able to get them and have it filled. It probably won’t be until Thursday. I don’t know what I am going to do. I hate being off track with refilling my meds. This 28 day shit sucks and having to go to my PCP’s office because the medical assistant is too dumb to mail it really sucks.

About a month ago, I bought these straps for the bed sheets to keep them attached to the mattress. One side of my bed always seems to come undone, and these straps are not helping. The other side is secure, though I could adjust the foam topper a little bit. I need to change the sheets soon anyway. I hate changing sheets. It is the one chore I detest. I wish I could hire someone to help me do it and also to help vacuum my rug but I don’t have the extra funds to do so. Money is going to be tight the next few months because I am going to try and save to get a new laptop. I’m going to get a new screen first to see if that solves the issue. If it does, I will just upgrade my Office to Office 2016. I found one site on Amazon that was selling it for $90. I just got to find out how many pins my screen has to make sure I buy the right replacement. I might call Dell as their website isn’t too helpful.