Two Errands Completed

Two Errands completed

My foot was bothering me today, nothing compared to last week, but it was still hurting. I took a pain pill and waited for it to work. Then I took a shower. It tired me out so I rested for an hour. I had that long before the next bus came. I was going to go to the pharmacy but I kind of got side tracked because I got on the laptop. Next thing I knew it was time to catch the bus. I figured I would go to the pharmacy after my first errand.

I got to Starbucks and wanted to sit and write but it was crowded so I just decided to head into Boston for my errand. I needed to pick up paperwork for my disability T-Pass. I should have brought a stamped envelope so I could mail it out right then but silly me didn’t think of it until I got the paperwork. I could have gone to the post office when I got to the station and got a stamped one but I didn’t have cash on me and I felt funny charging fifty cents or so on my card. That will be tomorrow’s errand.

I waited for the bus and there was the homeless couple with all the things taking up most of one bench. I feel bad for them but it doesn’t leave much room for people to sit down. Bus was on time and we were off. I went to the pharmacy but they had a long wait time so I just said I would be back tomorrow to pick it up. Another errand to do.

I haven’t had anything to eat all day. I am hungry but I don’t know what the hell to eat. I really want pizza from the place I always go to but I am broke until Wednesday. This sucks living on a monthly check. Think I will make a tuna sandwich and some tater tots.

Sox game isn’t until 1900. It’s against the stupid Rays, a team I don’t like. They really have become more of a rival than the stupid Skankees. We are tied for first and I hope we don’t lose anymore games this week.

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G. Collerone

suicide attempt survivor writing about the hopelessness that accompanies depression that no one likes to talk about. also writing about my daily struggle with chronic pain and how it affects my suicidality

3 thoughts on “Two Errands Completed”

  1. I haven’t been to a game all year and it doesn’t look likely as the ticket prices are outrageous! Even for the “cheap” seat are $28! Last I checked anyway. Last year I went to two game but stayed till the 7th inning because of stupid pain. I couldn’t enjoy myself. 😦

  2. I almost saw a Sox vs Cubbies game once at Cubs Stadium. My bi GF bought me a ticket so she wouldn’t have to put up with her BF who also came. I was stuck between him and another guy who was alternately noshing on a hotdog and trying to feel me up. It was so disgusting I didn’t see any of the game and finally left. So much for that! Afterward I was like, what the hell do you hang out with him for? He has good taste, she says. OK, he did. Once she shucked him off on me for a date to the opera. I got to see The Magic Flute. I totally ignored him and he didn’t care. People are so weird!

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